Review: Cantu moisturizing cream & deep treatment masque

I remember years ago, I was complaining to my friend about my natural hair. Our hairs got dry very easily and with the harsh England weather especially in the winter, things got worse. We were battling with our hairs.

Then she told others and I to look at the commercials of the shampoos we used (you know heads &shoulders, VO5)

Girls look at those commercials, those shampoos ain’t for our hair.

well I looked, I sat in front of the television and looked. Did I find myself going to the nearby afro-beauty store? Yes!

We were struggling naturals back then, trying to go back being natural. One of the firsts I tried was Cantu.

Cantu seemed to cover all ranges, from natural to coloured to relaxed, So I said, why not try it out!

The first from the brand I tried, was the

1. Cantu Moisturizing cream shampoo.

I must say, this felt surreal when it touched my hair.

First off, how does it smell?

It smells really nice, sort of like a juice made of tropical fruits. It’s not a strong smell and is suitable for anyone who reacts from too strong perfume, like me.

How it looks like

It comes in a FL OZ/ 400 ml bottle and is orange all over. The look of it is stylish and unusual, with a suitable cap.

My thoughts on it

Like I said before, it felt surreal. It was creamy on my hair, my hair literally felt like melted marshmallows. For someone who had been using drying shampoos earlier, I was blown away!

It removes buildup like it says it does and gentle to the scalp. I didn’t run out of the bathroom screaming “my head is on fire!” My hair still remained moisturised for some time unlike before.

The texture of the product is soft and creamy, it is slippery which is good for removing tangles when washing.


I noticed it didn’t have silicones, parabens, or petroleum in its ingredients which is good ’cause I’m using it to clear buildup not add to it or clog my pores.

Water is the first ingredient! You know if a product is ‘moisturizing’, it should have water as its first or second ingredient.

Did I use it again?

Sure! I still am even. My hair is doing fine with it and it is of great value. The price is suitable, I buy it £3.99p.

I never tried any of the brand’s products before I tried the moisturizing shampoo, so after hearing of the benefits of deep conditioning, I decided to try

The Cantu Shea butter for Natural hair DEEP TREATMENT MASQUE.

The products texture and smell

The texture is creamy and also slippery, it melts into your hair as it is applied. The smell is just great! I would say it scents more tropical and citric *laughs*

It comes in the net weight of 340g. It is a product that lasts and doesn’t get empty in one use (’cause we use no ‘dime size’ amount)

My initial thoughts on it.

What attracted me to the deep conditioner apart from the Wonderful results using the shampoo, was the ingredients one, secondly the restoration and strengthening dry – damaged hair bit.

This product contains many good oils in it like, soybean oil, carrot oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, mango seed butter, and the list goes on.

Using this product, my hair became strong, it broke less and looked healthy as a whole. However, my hair felt stiff and not flexible. I could manipulate it and it won’t break, but I wanted it to be soft and flow with the wind.

So for this product, it’s like a bittersweet. It makes my hair break less, thereby retaining length but, it makes my hair stiff. I guess I have to forfeit one to get the other.

Do I still use it?

Yes, I do, when I notice my hair is getting too brittle, I grab my deep conditioning masque.


Just because it didn’t give the best results for me doesn’t mean it won’t for you. All hairs are not the same after all.

Trying out other Brand products!

I am excited to try out the Cantu come back curl spray, (’cause I saw people’s results and was wowed!) and also the cleansing cream shampoo! When I try it out, I will definitely do a review.

Have you tried any product from the brand, have you tried other brands and do you have suggestions?

Would love to know.

A blogger and want to review products yourself?

How to review a product

What’s your take on Cantu products, have you tried anything from the brand?

Please let me know by commenting down below ⬇

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