How to review a product

As a blogger, whether it lifestyle or any form of blogger, there are staple products you use day to day and it will be nice to share with your readers. There are also brand corporations that need you to make a review on their products.

In this blog post, I’ll take you step by step on how to write a good and informative product review.

1. How did you stumble on the product?
Tell us how you got to know of the product. Tell a story even, what made you buy it, if you did. Have you used the any of the brand’s product before?

2. How does it feel?
If it’s a hair product, how does it feel, what’s the texture. Was it nice on your hair?

3. What does it look like?
How does the container look like, is it unique? what makes the product container convenient and how does the product look like, write on it. For example, making a review on a deep conditioner, write on the quantity of the product per container or bottle.

4. How does it smell?
Tell the reader how it smells, is it what I would buy?

5. Notable ingredients in the product.
Are there ingredients that wow you in the product? Write it down. If it’s the first time using it, what are the ingredients you might not like and why. Call out some ingredients too.

6. Your thoughts on it overall.
Tell us what are your thoughts on the product and if it did what it was meant for. Is it something you will use again and if it’s a hair product, what did really do on your hair.

How to review a product.
Reviewing a product.

7. Tell of the price.
Is the product cheap or quite expensive.

8. Give a rating.
Is it of good value, give a rating. Also what other product from the brand are you excited to try out next.

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    This is a great post! Thank you for sharing đź’–


    1. You’re welcome! Glad it helped.

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