Process shots : village in the forest + brushes used

Hi! Welcome to the blog. On this post I will be sharing how I finished this artwork through process shorts and also some techniques and brushes I used to achieve texture and shapes. I hope you find it helpful and enjoy how art is made πŸ˜„

About the artwork.

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Sketching this, I pictured a cliff in the forest. Two cliffs opposite each other, thick forests at the yonder, a sunset and it’s reflection on the trees and the huts built around the cliff, Civilisation to add more noise in the artwork.

Process shot 1

I start my artworks on digital platform using a grey background. Not dark grey nor White, something in between. This is to help me pick the right colours and not something too light or dark because I see it next to a white background.

Next, I drew the cliffs first as they are the centre of the artwork.

Process shot 2

On this next shot, I drew more on the left cliff to create an illusion of distance. This is where other objects will go on. These additions were done on another layer because I wanted to reduce their opacity initially but it was ok this way, so there wasn’t any need.

Process shot 3

Now more on the background. Using Autodesk sketch book, the trees were done on the layer before the rest. This way, whatever I draw on this layer will not affect the ones I have already drawn. I decided to draw the trees first rather than the sunset because I already had an idea where the Sun’s reflection will be.

Process shot 4

Next is the painting of sunset. There’s not too much colours with the sky because there’s a lot of colours lately (😁) so a basic blue sky with orange and yellow lights if the sun will do.

Process shot 5

After painting in the huts, next was to add more texture into the art. The tree is one of the objects used to achieve this. It appears in quite a distance and also has the Sun’s reflection on a part of it and the rest, a dark shade. The power of lighting in texture!

Painting trees

Painting trees can be tricky especially when you are going for something quite realistic. I love the fact Autodesk sketchbook has a series of brush shapes to choose from. They also have tutorials and help tips on their website here.

For trees, I used the wet frayed bristle brush to get that look.

I hope you found this helpful or perhaps just like to see process shots.

If you have any questions, please let me know and do you want to see more of this? Let me know in the comment section.

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