My Top Apps for design

Design can be used for corporate reasons in branding and logo, for editorials like magazines, advertisements and a lot of other uses.

In summary, the design is what you see every day. As a blogger, I find myself designing posters, blog banners, Instagram posts, Pinterest pins and so on.

As someone who is into graphic design, a bit of digital marketing and blogging. I have used a few programs to see if one is better that is in user experience and if it actually does what it’s meant to do, according to its description on the app store.

I’m not so tech savvy but I know design makes those works pop and be noticeable. It is what makes your work stand out and get your fans ‘oh it’s you’. With that, I have a few apps that help in getting the job done. They are easy to use and you don’t have to be much of a graphic designer.

These are my top Apps for design

1. Canva

Before getting on Canva, I was always like ‘what’s with all the hype?’ Well, it is worth the hype. Canva has a variety of canvas sizes to work on so you don’t need to check the measurement of a blog banner and manually change the size of a canvas (board the design is going on), it’s all there!

Top apps for design - Hopeasfro

A variety of sizes to pick from, such as the Pinterest pin size.

Starting is free and you get access to a lot of free stock photos however, the more beautiful ones for sale. You can pretty much get a design done with a free account but a paid account gets you access to a lot more.

2. Inshot

‘Isn’t that for pictures?’ Well, yes it’s used for editing pictures and design but it’s also good for basic designs. There are few writing types (good for design and branding) and you can purchase more. It also allows you to add some animations.

3. Autodesk Sketchbook

This is my sketching a digital art app which also works as a design app for me (drawing is design right?). It is not as good as Canva because it isn’t made for such however, it got the work done when I hadn’t signed up for Canva. With such, design is on you, you don’t get to see any ideas like you would on Canva. It’s one for the basics and for artists as the design is more on the art the artist makes. It is also free.

4 Adobe

Adobe is pretty good especially photoshop (that’s possibly the most used app from Adobe, alongside illustrator). However, you don’t get most of it in the mobile version. I think to fully experience and utilise the app, it’s in its desktop version. Otherwise its really good. Adobe spark post is quite similar to canva, there are a lot of tools and templates there for visual marketing and making your social media posts.

Something I’ve noticed is there are Adobe apps that actually do the same thing for instance illustrator and sketch. Why is there a need for similar apps when they could just improve one?
Just wondering.

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