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  • Oil Boys – a short story

    Tito found the worn-out rag in a pile and rolled it around his palm, hoping to stop the bleeding, he could get an infection, but there wasnʼt any choice. He wasnʼt going to allow more mishaps to deter him, no, not this time around. Tito had succeeded in convincing his friends, Tega and John, to come along, and so far, everything was going well but his hand. How difficult can it be–it was simple

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  • Book Review: The girl with the louding voice

    Adunniʼs life spirals into adventures that could blur anyone’s dream except that of a strong-willed Adunni.

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  • Infinite Painter vs Autodesk Sketchbook

    This blog post is long overdue. I’ve had it in my mind to do this for quite a while. Having used both Autodesk Sketchbook and infinite painter for many months, I can make a good comparison of both.If you are a newbie and you want to make art on a low budget then this would […]

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  • Oil Boys – A short story (part 2)

    Tito came to a stop, “we are here,” he announced. There was a split pipe with dark liquid sipping from it. Its two opposite sides were still in the ground. Tito suspected it had been dug up and cut open during one of the militant raids. The area around the broken pipe was without grass, like a bald spot.

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  • Musings on the Africaʼs most populous country

    Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with a population of over 200 million according to what they say, it is not certain because our last census of over 10 years was contested. I will tell you why later in this read. Let’s look at Lagos as an example, the industrial city of Nigeria. […]

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  • Everything you need to know about choosing colours in your design or illustration

    This is a detailed post to help you choose the right colours in your design, illustration or art.

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