List of my recent art + the inspiration & message behind.

I figured that it will be fun to share some of my art – as a digital artist and what was the inspiration.

I get inspired by almost everything nice (LOL), my surrounding, the people I meet or see, Pinterest… Yes, Pinterest.

So let’s cut in— just for saying, most if not all of my artworks contain a major theme of hope, one way or another.

1. Save the trees – Art.

Forest park visit art by hopeasfro

This one is called ‘save the trees’ ’cause yes, save the trees!

This was inspired by one of Yaoyao ma van as’s art I found on Pinterest. I love the lively scenery, the trees and I thought, why don’t I depict this in my own way.

I also love this idea of taking a trip to the park and allowing kids to be familiar with nature, so all these were incorporated in this art. What do you say kids and the park…

2.The Neighbours – Art

The neighbours. Funny illustration by hopeasfro

I think I will call this my major playful contemporary illustration. I wanted to make something quite comical, like interesting housemates, with their funny personalities and day to day lives. For example, a girl falling flat on the floor after battling with her dog in ‘Survival of the brush’.

Have fun picking out the rest of the characters.

3. Serene beauty – Art illustration

Serene beauty. Art

This one was inspired by beautiful and colourful houses in the suburban parts of lovely cities. Basically ‘beautiful places’ I love to pin on my Pinterest.

Imagine walking down a narrow passage in between to tall houses and arriving at a market…well, this is just part of it.

And yes, I’ve realised there’s a lot of the word ‘beautiful’ in my description, 😜.

4.Tom & Jerry mansion – Artwork

Tom and jerry mansions art by hopeasfro

I was going for ‘abstract’ in this one. I wanted it to look like paper cuts put together (see the short trees close to the walk).

In one of Tom & Jerry episodes, they had mansions. So yeah, I decided to draw them. I probably love it when characters are in the scene — a bit of human interaction, that’s why those tiny humans are on the field at the back (behind the houses LOL).

5. HE is risen – Art

HE is risen. easter art by hopeasfro

My Easter special!

Easter is more than just chocolate eggs and chocolate. As a Christian, I take part in the joy of knowing the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection, the importance of HIS resurrection.

6.Gorilla chase – Art illustration

Gorilla chase art by hopeasfro

This is an illustration for a poem I shared here Gorilla chase. I found this beautiful work on Pinterest with a pink sky (don’t be afraid to use colours!) It was so beautiful, so I decided to change the sky colour – which pretty much changed the colour scheme.

Want to know what it portrays? Read it Here.

2 responses to “List of my recent art + the inspiration & message behind.”

  1. I love the trees, neighbors and he is risen art works.


    1. Thank you, I’m glad you like them ☺ and thanks for stopping by.


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