How April went — lessons learned

April has come and gone and I can definitely say April came with love, peace and growth. All thanks to the Almighty God.

My birthday

On the 5th of April came my birthday whoop whoop! I turned a year older and that day was I would say, lovely.

As for being loud on social media, I celebrated it more on my Instagram where I made a countdown:

– To the things I love

– To the things I’ve learnt

– To all that inspires me

And so on. It’s still on my Instagram highlights if you would like to check it out.
April board.

Found awesome people April was the month I’ll say I got to engage more with the people that inspire me even if it’s just a little.

So I’ll say I learnt something, to get yourself out there!

The mini makeover of the blog If you navigate through the blog, you’ll see a few changes. If you’re new here, welcome! I made a few changes to the blog like incorporating my brand colours, making sure it has an authentic voice.

work with me/services.

Also, I updated the work with me/services.

Talk about putting yourself out there?!

I have decided to start making book cover arts but obviously in line with the brand’s goal and aesthetics. I want to do anything that is cheerful, calm and colourful.

Learnt more about myself and my art I inquired about my art from a friend and I will say I loved the response. The thing is, I try to get constructive criticisms on my artwork, and at that moment I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was portraying what I hoped for, so I asked.

I asked, “what do you think is the reoccurring theme in them?”

It was nature, freedom, a way of lifestyle and peace of mind. I was like ‘wow!’

This made me happy, to think this is what someone sees when they look at my art, and this is why I do them anyways.

Read and reviewed the book for the month

Oil on water.
Oil on water by Helon Habila

Oil on water by Helon Habila is one book I’ve read but decided to read it again, this time with fresh eyes. Talk about oil rigs, nonchalant government, and so-called “freedom fighters”! I made a review on it here.

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