How to write a good book review

Reviews are basically a person’s account of (in this case) a book. It’s for the purpose of critical evaluation but some people tend to go off the board or not review but just summarize. In this post, I’ll be teaching you how to review a book. 1. You are not telling a story: First off,Continue reading “How to write a good book review”

Is hyper realism creative art?

From the past week, I have come across debates on whether hyper-realism (the making of very realistic drawings with much detailing), is a form of art— judging from the amount of skill and creativity used to bring about the drawing. A lot of people argued it’s not all that much of being creative ’cause theContinue reading “Is hyper realism creative art?”

Live in the moment, here’s why

I shared this once on my Instagram story and I would like to share it with you. It went like this, Sometimes it’s better to live in the moment than to stress out or have unneeded sadness. It’s just like a cut. There are times it goes unnoticed, then you look down and see aContinue reading “Live in the moment, here’s why”

Things I am most grateful for in last year

• It was a year of clarity. Honestly, I discovered so much more on things I did, I thought was right, on behaviour and what have you. This has transformed my thinking for the better. • I made bold steps. Normally, before I make a move, I tend to over think things even when theContinue reading “Things I am most grateful for in last year”

Waiting for an Angel (book review)

Waiting for an Angel is a novel written by Helon habila, set in the years and time of military dictatorship in Nigeria. It tells of the story of Lomba, a young journalist who is thrown into prison to languish, after being charged for inciting a riot. As Lomba is in prison, he gains access toContinue reading “Waiting for an Angel (book review)”

Breast ironing; a culture

I just think there’s a difference between a child and an adult. However the difference between a 40year old and a 30year old is experience. Don’t mind a 50year old and 25year old together but, a ten year old..come on. There have been stories of breast ironing and female genital mutilation. Let me talk aboutContinue reading “Breast ironing; a culture”

Taming the little rascal..

Okay, I’m not the only one that tries to convince themselves, the shedding and breakage is not that serious. I mean it’s part of nature, hair strand grows and dies. But why are all of them leaving 🙈 Especially after I loose my braids NOTE: away from popular belief, the hair is washed with theContinue reading “Taming the little rascal..”

Long time crush

You scroll down to see his picture, your 9years old self then, crush. He was intelligent, fine , popular. While you, more of a class clown, not so eye catching to attract his attention… or any guy’s attention for that matter. Flash back ended to today. Even with the numerous likes, the following with noContinue reading “Long time crush”