Finding your purpose and choosing a career

While choosing a career and degree, let’s look at things differently. Choosing based on skills is the norm but it’s more than that. On this post, it will be on purpose and more on choosing a career for yourself. These are my opinions. I will be suggesting better ways to choose a career or degreeContinue reading “Finding your purpose and choosing a career”

Book Review: After they left

This book opened my eyes to things I did not know was going on. I knew lots of terrible things happened in IDP camps like rape, hunger and neglect by people and the government. But, organized child trafficking? Here’s the back story, the novel by Edify Yakusak tells the story of two kids, Kim andContinue reading “Book Review: After they left”

Sneaky questions | Faith talks

I have just read the journey of the Israelites to the promised land, Canaan, from Exodus to Joshua. It was quite surprising to learn the Israelites, that just came out from Egypt decided to turn to idol-worshipping when they hadn’t heard anything from Moses since he went up the mountain. They saw the water partContinue reading “Sneaky questions | Faith talks”

How to write a good personal statement | LIFE ON CAMPUS

So you’re looking for internship placements…There are many job/ internship placement opportunities that will require you to submit a personal statement. There are many job/ internship placement opportunities that will require you to submit a personal statement. Some people are already familiar with what a personal statement is, as some universities require you to haveContinue reading “How to write a good personal statement | LIFE ON CAMPUS”

18 Things you can do to get set for the new year

Happy new year! It’s 2020 and we are going in well prepared and ready to be productive. This is the year to unveil that hidden talent and use it for good. In this post, I share things I did and things you can do, to prepare you for the new year. You aren’t late ifContinue reading “18 Things you can do to get set for the new year”

5 Reasons I started a Gratitude journal

The mind can sometimes get clogged with everyday life and forget the blessings. It’s easy for most people to not remember, at those times where they question if God answers their prayers or they’re just tripping. Try writing down your blessings and you’ll see how one – two – three will run over pages. IContinue reading “5 Reasons I started a Gratitude journal”

The Spider King’s Daughter | book review

The Spider King’s Daughter by Chibundu Onuzo is a work of fiction that tells the story of two young people from different social classes. Abike is a rich, seemingly spoilt brat and runner G, a boy who fell in hard times and into the slum parts of the industrial city of Lagos. Both find eachContinue reading “The Spider King’s Daughter | book review”

Book review | funny men cannot be trusted

On this post, I’ll be reviewing the book funny men cannot be trusted, an anthology by poet Tolu Akinyemi. back story I took some time off Instagram. I stopped posting in general to just sit back and get inspired (like what next to blog on, draw, paint..) For that short while, I decided to readContinue reading “Book review | funny men cannot be trusted”

List of my recent art + the inspiration & message behind.

I figured that it will be fun to share some of my art – as a digital artist and what was the inspiration. I get inspired by almost everything nice (LOL), my surrounding, the people I meet or see, Pinterest… Yes, Pinterest. So let’s cut in— just for saying, most if not all of myContinue reading “List of my recent art + the inspiration & message behind.”