The story of this art

Lampshack got the things together; the blanket, the large woven basket, the stove. They were going to fly. He saw it for the first time, when he got to watch the television. “What is that up there!” “An air balloon” “Are there people inside?” “Yes”. “Really!” Even though Tito’s air balloon gave way in theContinue reading “The story of this art”

The maiden speech – A short story

This is a work of fiction. However, it shows in some detail the maiden speech delivered by Nigeria’s then prime minister, when Nigeria was admitted into the UN. The event of the week was still fresh. Plastic flags cut in square shapes hung green white green from street light poles and the many story buildingsContinue reading “The maiden speech – A short story”

Gorilla chase

‘Spirits’ I heard someone say. I had always heard of forest spirits. Ones that hunted hunters and fled farmers away But, those were folktales, not considered real A mere work of superstitious minds or a creation by parents who didn’t want their kids wandering. At this moment, however, no one’s eyes were playing tricks. TheContinue reading “Gorilla chase”

A Sand Mile by Idoroenyen Udoh

Available on Okadabooks Book written by Idoroenyen Udoh About the book Efa, a taxi driver in the suburban region of Nigeria, takes in a passenger one evening. He soon realises the passenger needs help and not from the authorities. Laraba, the youngest wife, is kicked out from her husband’s house and forced to wander. WithContinue reading “A Sand Mile by Idoroenyen Udoh”

An interesting call

‘Bip bip‘ ‘Ring ring’ “Hello” “Hey babe, ahn ahn You remembered me today”. “I cut my hair” “You said” “I cut my hair” “You trimmed it?” “No I cut it off, I cut it all off” “Why na…okay I’ll take you to my barber” “I shaved it all” “Kpangolo?” “Skin cut” “What entered you?” “NothingContinue reading “An interesting call”

News ‘A’ Paper: The fisherman and girl.

It was morning, the sunlight entering the partially translucent tent. The children were already up, though Tafi’s and her tent was far from the others, the children’s noise woke her up. It might have been time to collect food supplies, she thought. The resources were stationed a few feet away from the clinic. Raw rice,Continue reading “News ‘A’ Paper: The fisherman and girl.”

The first time I fell in heels — in public! (Potbelly goons edition)

Y’all I said first time in public! I’ve fallen down in heels so many times, just not in public. Let the story time begin.. Okay I was going for an event and had to wear some heels. Like you know, add a little classy into the look, you know. Sigh. Okay y’all I wore theContinue reading “The first time I fell in heels — in public! (Potbelly goons edition)”

The time I slipped and banged my butt…

Okay if I wasn’t wearing a skirt it would have been a lot less embarrassing. Okay, coming out of the station, it was freezing cold and the floors were quite slippery and the footwear I was wearing wasn’t helping, they were flats! Before then I was admiring some girl’s head tie, I thought they lookedContinue reading “The time I slipped and banged my butt…”