How to build a daily routine timetable for better productivity

Do you have tons of work but less time? Are you unable to fit things you love to do in your tight schedule? Do you find yourself neglecting other aspects of your life or just finding it hard to juggle out everything? Well, if yes, this post is hopefully going to help you manage allContinue reading “How to build a daily routine timetable for better productivity”

18 Things you can do to get set for the new year

Happy new year! It’s 2020 and we are going in well prepared and ready to be productive. This is the year to unveil that hidden talent and use it for good. In this post, I share things I did and things you can do, to prepare you for the new year. You aren’t late ifContinue reading “18 Things you can do to get set for the new year”

5 Reasons I started a Gratitude journal

The mind can sometimes get clogged with everyday life and forget the blessings. It’s easy for most people to not remember, at those times where they question if God answers their prayers or they’re just tripping. Try writing down your blessings and you’ll see how one – two – three will run over pages. IContinue reading “5 Reasons I started a Gratitude journal”

How to choose the right book

Whether it’s for leisure, to learn new things or for a book reading club, we find ourselves needing to find and choose the right book that will actually be helpful. I one time thought I could easily pick a book by just turning over and reading the description or synopsis. I was wrong, and thatContinue reading “How to choose the right book”

Hair product review: Aussie moist 3 minute miracle deep conditioner

On this post, I’ll be reviewing the Aussie moist 3-minute miracle deep conditioner. I’ve heard a lot about it and decided to try it out. The products I used before lacked a lot of slip and that led to single strand knots and breakage, because, well — I was wrestling with the hair during washContinue reading “Hair product review: Aussie moist 3 minute miracle deep conditioner”

More things to do this holiday | Don’t waste it!

The holiday is approaching and it already looks sunny and bright. Then the problem arises “how do I make most of it?” There is so much fun stuff to do (’cause the holiday won’t be boring) and things to learn. So these are some ideas for the holiday: 1. Embrace the outdoors Get your assContinue reading “More things to do this holiday | Don’t waste it!”

I printed out my design and it looks lovely!

I decided to print out one of my designs on a mug, and not just leave it there in my gallery, looking digital (😕). Well, it turned out great! It made me appreciate it more seeing it there pasted on this mug. I’m still yet to use it, the mug sits there like it’s actuallyContinue reading “I printed out my design and it looks lovely!”

How April went — lessons learned

April has come and gone and I can definitely say April came with love, peace and growth. All thanks to the Almighty God. My birthday On the 5th of April came my birthday whoop whoop! I turned a year older and that day was I would say, lovely. As for being loud on social media,Continue reading “How April went — lessons learned”

Tips to help you start saving

Saving is one thing people find hard to do, ‘like there’s just a lot to buy’, plus, the ones you really don’t need. Having problems being a spendthrift or having no idea how to start saving? On the post, I’ll be giving some tips to help you save effectively. To help you keep away someContinue reading “Tips to help you start saving”

5 fun activities to do this spring

A couple of activities to do in the spring break. 1. Go outdoors It might be surprising, “I’m outdoors most of the time” but, are you having fun outdoors most of the time? Go to the park and take a view around. This is one way to get the sun especially for those who seatContinue reading “5 fun activities to do this spring”