The first time I fell in heels β€” in public! (Potbelly goons edition)

Y’all I said first time in public! I’ve fallen down in heels so many times, just not in public.

Let the story time begin..

Okay I was going for an event and had to wear some heels. Like you know, add a little classy into the look, you know. Sigh.

Okay y’all I wore the normal 3 inches heel, just to be on the safe side.

Like I’m not used to wearing heels so often, flats all the way or sandals. So I was still learning, step by step, balancing and not walking like someone stiff β€” that kind of thing. So, three inches or four, was to be on the safe side. LOL if I knew. It was a wedge, for ‘extra‘ safety.

I could walk fairly well, was comfortable. I started taking quicker steps.. y’all that’s how comfortable I was. At the event, there was a carpet.

Though I was comfortable, the carpet wasn’t πŸ˜’. At the steps, it wasn’t lined properly. It looked like a slide, not a step. So coming down, feeling really fulfilled I had mastered the tricks of high heels, I slipped.

Y’all there was a handful of people where I fell. I’m just happy I didn’t fall so bad, you know tried to do it in a classy way *laughs*

One ‘aunty’ however couldn’t just mind her business. “Aunty please go your way”, nope she didn’t. This woman started complaining “ahn ahn, if you can’t walk with this shoe, why wear it”, with people just staring at me, in public! ‘Aunty please did I ask you?’ I just shyly blamed the carpet and went my way.

LOL guys, this isn’t the only time, there’s one a lot more embarrassing.

Hehe, hope you had some laughs.. Have a nice day, thanks for reading.

God bless you lovelies.😊

Let’s all go natural products for hair.

Okay I must say I don’t use natural products 100% on my hair, but I’ve been doing so and it’s great.

Its a good option if you want to prevent any chemical damage to your natural hair, or if you just want to be sure on what’s getting into your hair.

So let’s get in it lovelies..

The first would be the African black soap, for washing your hair.

It can act as a shampoo and everything in it is 100% natural. Listen, there has been stories of y’all having breakouts after using it, but I’m talking about the real soap not some ‘Shea moisture mixture’.. just saying. You are gonna get break outs… of course. I use the normal local brand that just costs less than Β£2, Anyway I’m talking about the hair not skin, hehe.

So, when using the bar of soap to wash your hair, you might experience dryness cause the hair has been stripped of both gunk and moisture. Due to ingredients such as lemon and lime, it tends to be harsh (not as harsh as normal shampoos).

Not to worry, there is the ingredient honey. Honey is rich in glycerin and what glycerin does is, it absorbs moisture from the air, though with low humidity, the hair can get dried out. The glycerin, then absorbs moisture from the hair because, it just absorbs. If there’s no moisture in the hair, it gets moisture from your hair.

Hence why the hair gets frizz when not fully moisturised.

To prevent this, when taking a hot shower after washing your hair with the soap bar, just allow the steam to get absorbed in your hair. With this, there is already a lot of moisture absorbed by the glycerin. This leaves your hair soft and clean.

How to spot a real African black soap:

β€’ it isn’t black. It can be dark brown to light brown actually.

β€’ it is not smooth. Unlike other commercial soaps, the African black soap is a little rough to the touch. It’s not sleek, and sometimes may feel grainy.

β€’ it is soft. You can easily cut through with a knife. It’s so soft warm water can dissolve it, when kept for a while.

β€’ it is not highly perfumed. I say this because the originally made one does not have a perfume scent to it. However some makers put in a slight fragrance to it, using scented oils.

The second would be raw Shea butter.

Shea butter can be used for both skin and hair. In fact, it is the ideal hair product for hair.

It is rich in vitamin E, it also able to protect your hair from sun bleaching. Shea butter is a sealant, so after hydrating the hair, you can seal in the moisture with it.

How to spot the real Shea butter:

β€’ Shea butter is ivory coloured and not really white. It can also be a pale yellow colour, depending how it was made. It is not really yellow though.

β€’ it is not heavily scented. One might not like the original scent though, but to me, its calm. If you don’t, you can mix yours with some drops lavender oil.

Taming the little rascal..

Okay, I’m not the only one that tries to convince themselves, the shedding and breakage is not that serious. I mean it’s part of nature, hair strand grows and dies. But why are all of them leaving πŸ™ˆ

Especially after I loose my braids NOTE: away from popular belief, the hair is washed with the braids.

Like it becomes a handful and I’m just sitting there like, “I did a tea rinse a while ago, isn’t it meant to start working”. And the breakage… Please I can’t. Apart from wishing the shedding isn’t that much and my hair isn’t going to fall out one day, I know some of it is breakage.

Some people are like it’s just hair….no it isn’t, this is my baby. I have nurtured it, but this little rascal can’t just conform. Like it has a mind of it’s own.

Creative date options

I’m not the only one who thinks going out on dates to just a restaurant everytime is quite boring β€” if this is done often which is the norm– Like there’s nothing really interesting, sitting and staring at your face. Also, there’s not really much one can say during dates like such, especially if you two just met.

Seriously, it has to deal with food-etiquettes?!

I mean I have good eating etiquettes… In front of people but, when it comes to a guy, something stuck in between your teeth is embarrassing; and oh, the random questions.

So let’s spice it up a bit…

These can be date options or just something apart from the normal day-to-day stuff.

This is just my idea, so you can get creative with yours!

1. Baking.

If you two don’t have any idea how to bake or one person doesn’t, it’s even more fun. It’s nice to get messy sometimes! At least, you’re learning and mastering some cooking skills.

2. What about a picnic.

This one is not unpopular and cheap. If you’re a ‘nature person’, it’s ideal.

3. An evening drive?

Have you ever ridden a car in the evening with the windows down, that exciting moment when the car is speeding? Not so fast, safety is a priority.

4. For the children lovers

you two can both volunteer to read to children in the library.

5. Gardening

This sounds like everyday stuff. But you both can engage in gardening, grow your food and watch something you two put an effort in, grow.

6. Cooking

Just like baking, if you two don’t know how to cook, you both can learn together and call it a date. Try and learn how to feed yourself okay😁.

7. Colouring and painting

Show off those artistic ‘skills’ you believed you had once. You can get a good palette from any pound shop. Even if it came out not ‘as you expected’, it can pass as abstract artπŸ˜‰

The time I slipped and banged my butt…

Okay if I wasn’t wearing a skirt it would have been a lot less embarrassing. Okay, coming out of the station, it was freezing cold and the floors were quite slippery and the footwear I was wearing wasn’t helping, they were flats! Before then I was admiring some girl’s head tie, I thought they looked good, ’cause they actually were. Okay, to my story… I got distracted as I was trying to insert money back into my pocket, then all of a sudden I found myself on the floor. It was in public, though not many people were around. My legs were quite open. Remember, I was wearing a skirt, but thank God I wore tights. They weren’t very opaque though…they were the semi transparent type. I was already getting embarrassed πŸ˜€, then these two girls, the one I was looking at the head tie and her friend came to pick me up. They were so nice πŸ˜„ asking me if I’m okay. They we’re so sweet. I really hope I thanked them ’cause I remember just saying “yes, I’m okay”. I actually walked, not feeling embarrassed.

Anyway, when others are in such a situation, please lend out a helping hand. I’ve actually learned a lot from this.

I pray God blesses them.

Pot belly goons

For those slim girls with not so slim stomachs who use their mufflers to cover their protruding bellies 😁…

I do that too. I purposely don’t wrap my shawl twice around my neck, to form a little pouch or pocket in front of my jaw sometimes. Especially when it’s not too long.

Let us try to eat healthy at least… Reduce those carbs, ’cause most of us don’t exercise. Sometimes I’m like what am I reducing then? ‘Cause I’m slim. Walk a lot though, it helps.

The awkward first date

She had never been spoilt and treated with something extra fancy. So when he told her he will take her out, her hopes were not that high.
She would normally have stayed home on a Saturday night, eating all the edibles. She hardly gained weight, so even though she eats healthy β€” sometimes, she spoilt herself with enough chocolates, salty biscuits; munching in her less lit bedroom.

Normally, if she offered to take someone out, she herself was expected to pay any for any expense. That was just her. She had got to learn here, they split for such things. Off course, she thought if he had been here for long, she should be prepared to pay. He was taking her for a meal. She kept praying he will not take her to some extra fancy place, so when she saw the restaurant, she felt broken. “hm my savings can’t finish today!” She thought to herself.

She had not yet finished paying for accommodation, and she was really trying to save. With an establishment like this, a sparse plate of a meal can cost high. Something she can easily cook up and style in the comfort of her home was so expensive. If it was the unnecessary decorations they did with gravy, she could do it, she thought. Surprisingly the prices on the menu were not ‘jaw-dropping’. She found something less expensive that she could eat, then, the hard part came…

The plate had a lot of sauce on it and she did not like eating such in front of anyone, not just anyone, a potential ‘man’. She got too conscious of anything around her mouth. She constantly cleaned, checked her reflection at the back of her spoon, arranging her hair… It was awkward and he noticed. He finally asked her if she was done, which she answered “yes β€” it was nice”. “Goodness, he didn’t ask you that”, she thought to herself.

The waiter brought the bill and after a while, she started smiling to herself. He paid the bill without thinking twice. ” it’s like we think alike then β€” that’s a start”, she thought. She still thanked him for his gesture and bringing her to this place.

Hoping he did not expect anything more.

Self love?

I removed the loose trousers I wore, the large top and flat shoes I was wearing. Most men didn’t like this, that was why I wasn’t wifed yetβ€”At least, that’s what I thought. I quickly removed the clothes I unwillingly bought from the mall, ready to try it on. It was expensive, way out of my budget, but it was worth it.
When I was done dressing, I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked good, but if I stepped outside, the amount of side eyes I’ll receive from mothers… Back in where I come from, if any girl wore this, a typical mother will find it her duty to remove her head wrap, to cover this excess flesh.
If I sat down, the dresses could barely cover my crotch. The top of one of the dresses was without sleeves and transparent, It would have been better if it was just the back. I slipped on a pair of stiletto hills and stared at the mirror… I was thought to dress decently and I know we should all find ourselves and come out of indoctrination but, this wasn’t me. If I was to wear such or anything exposing, it would be for one eye only β€”or maybe two. Mine and his.
Why did I over do this, this wasn’t me. Why was I even taking myself to a meaningless rave ( not saying raves are meaningless), I didn’t like loud places even, it weighed down my head. People to close to me? Above all why am I wearing a stiletto to a rave?!
If it was a man I was looking for, a man to like me? if I didn’t send him scurrying off by acting awkward, or being boring, how was I sure any of those guys would even approach?
The truth is I was too obsessed with a man wanting me, to be wanted. I was so obsessed, I could reduce my standards β€” be at his beck and call β€” if there was ‘him‘.
I walked to the dresser and removed every makeup. I wasn’t feeling fancy, it was unusual.
To a tear drop, no self love.

β€” HopeAsFro

Long time crush

You scroll down to see his picture, your 9years old self then, crush.

He was intelligent, fine , popular. While you, more of a class clown, not so eye catching to attract his attention… or any guy’s attention for that matter.
Flash back ended to today.
Even with the numerous likes, the following with no follow back, watching all stories, he still hasn’t noticed you. ” like why?” You are afraid to comment– you’ve never been that bold and besides it seems like you’re being to ‘insistent’.

You seat back wondering it’s just a crush, it will go away. It’s just a crush you say, even with the beautiful feeling you get when your eyes meet every picture of his. It is quite ‘surreal’… I mean with phone screen separating both of you.

You don’t bother if what you’re feeling is more than… Well.
You don’t bother to want him to be aware of you anymore… He never noticed you, he never did, so you give up.
I’m working on my writing. This is some colouring done a time ago, found it.

Mid length skirt in the freezing cold

I woke up one morning with the intention of wearing a skirt with thick tights, to go about my daily business. It was freezing outside but, come on the skirt really looked good on me and my formal trousers are “wack”. 

well well, I went ahead with the skirt and tights…till I noticed my tight had a hole:( 

that is so not a nice sight. So I decided to remove them. That skirt wasn’t long and my knees were out. I wore a flat instead of my boots! My legs were stinging!

Is it only me that feels everyone is staring when you feel stupid or dress stupid.

Don’t side eye me if you do not know the scenario!

I felt people were staring:/ at the bus stop.. Like ‘how weird can she be to come out like that’! Then guess what the bus was approximately 20mins delayed…I just had to use the train.

Anyway I got home with a sniffling nose.

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