5 fun activities to do this spring

A couple of activities to do in the spring break.

1. Go outdoors

It might be surprising, “I’m outdoors most of the time” but, are you having fun outdoors most of the time?

Go to the park and take a view around. This is one way to get the sun especially for those who seat in the office or in buildings all day. Vitamin D deficiency is real and needs to be taken seriously.

2. Clear your wardrobe

Yes, with spring comes a change in wardrobe. It means storing the green scarf and thick coats away and bringing in some lighter ones. It means throwing in those bright colours into your wardrobe.

3. Flower picking

April is a time for blossoming pretty and colour filled flowers.

Spring is a time to find these and decorate your homes, hair, clothes with them.

Just remember to pick them in the morning or evening. Also, please do these where it’s legal. There are some restricted areas where flower picking isn’t allowed especially in the UK.

4. Create a garden

Set up the yard and start planting! It’s always nice to grow your own food and watching them grow is even better. Get your seeds and small plants ready to get planting. If you have little ones, they can join in too.

5.Tour your town or city

No matter what, there’s still a lot to see even in a ‘boring’ city so, tour away! Find out about the history of your town, the monument statues, and check out fun go-to places around the city.

Spring breaks are awesome for such an adventure just remember to check the weather forecast.

What other ideas do you have?

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A letter to nostalgia of old. (Fiction)

It’s been sometime now,

How are you doing?

Over here has been good

With the season change.


How is your eczema has it gone down?

I’d hope you don’t scratch it too hard.

Have you tried my remedy,

It actually works.


Jummai’s co wife won’t give that man sons,

They said Jummai is the reason.

Above that, every day here is an exciting one

You should come visiting sometime,

The farmers’ market here is gorgeous!


Ola is growing, his tooth removed!

He says he will put it under his pillow

The next day, perhaps he will find 10

I laughed remembering when I was his age,

Do you remember how we waited so long

for the tooth fairy?


I am done reading pride and prejudice, alas.

Waiting for a book recommendation.

So, Amelia, I was meaning to ask,

Do you still throw your missing tooth ov’r the roof?

How to write a good book review

Reviews are basically a person’s account of (in this case) a book. It’s for the purpose of critical evaluation but some people tend to go off the board or not review but just summarize.

In this post, I’ll be teaching you how to review a book.

1. You are not telling a story: First off, always put in mind you aren’t telling all the story. You can put bits of it like a quote then analyse it.

2. Identity the genre: Tell the reader what genre of book you’re reviewing. Is it fiction, nonfiction, biography, adventure, e.t.c. Some books do not have a specific genre so it’s ok if you give it something general for example, “it’s a work of fiction”.

3. A little about the plot: You know the synopsis at the back of the book? Yes, something like that in your own words. DO NOT GIVE OUT THE END!

4. Tell about your favourite/worst scene: There are scenes that got you excited on the book and introduced you to some of the characters. Some scenes even made you love or dislike a certain character, incorporate it in your review. You can see how I did it here.

5. Comment on some few characters: comment on some characters you took notice of and also how they contributed to the ongoing plot. Tell us how they were, like if they made your worst scene.

How to write a good book review hopeasfro blog

6. Spice it up with quotes: When analysing, it’s always good to quote from the book. It kind of gives who you’re reviewing to a heads up of the book’s language. See here.

7. Mention the main themes: The reoccurring idea and topic is the theme. It’s basically the message the author is trying to give.

8. Add a picture of the book: Take a nice picture of the book.

9. About the author: Comment on the author’s writing style and a bit on the author if you know anything.

Have you read other books of the author? Mention them.

10. Rate the book from 1– 10

You can see how the book ‘waiting for an angel’, was reviewed here.

So with all this tips, go on and write that good review!

Do you have other tips or want to add to this?

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Using Autodesk sketchbook for digital art

As a digital artist, I’ve come across different apps for digital painting.

Also here on the blog, I don’t think I really talk about that aspect, being a digital artist. To break it down, I’m a digital painter and I use it as a medium to pass a message or illustrate a story.

I currently use Autodesk Sketchbook. It’s installed on my phone and soon I’ll be getting a device with a larger screen. I chose Autodesk for different reasons.

1. It’s mobile friendly

As you can see, it fits the screen. I don’t need to move, swipe or frequently zoom in or out the canvas except during detailing because the canvas is in the middle. Secondly, it is easy to navigate through the tools.

Again, they fit the screen properly. I haven’t had issues due to installing it on my device and I have had it for a year now.

2. It is convenient and easy to go around it.

I started off as a novice. I didn’t know anything about digital art or painting. I didn’t know how to use layers, what different brushes really do, canvas size, using colours in the digital painting, nothing. I literally just went to the app store and downloaded whatever I felt was ok and began.

learn more about the brushes and techniques to help you on the Autodesk sketchbook website

3. Work is clean

Quality of artwork is high and it’s not just my opinion. It uploads to whatever platform quite well. If I get the right resolution or canvas size, then it’s no problem. Also modifying the brushes and using different technique helps. For example, I have learnt painting a colour on another colour different from the background, makes the quality a bit poor.

4. You have a community of artists!

You have a choice to set up an account and also engage with other artists. Autodesk has an online platform for an artist to showcase their work and meet new people However, it’s a choice, I’m not active on there.

I have tried out other apps like adobe illustrator. For Adobe, I didn’t really like the look on my phone, which makes me think it might not be convenient using it on a phone. However, I will like to still try it out.

Is hyper realism creative art?

From the past week, I have come across debates on whether hyper-realism (the making of very realistic drawings with much detailing), is a form of art— judging from the amount of skill and creativity used to bring about the drawing.

A lot of people argued it’s not all that much of being creative ’cause the artist is just drawing what is seen. Also, anyone can have enough patience for detailing. In other words, an artist does not require much skill to be a hyper-realist.

Thus, hyperrealism is not art. no creativity, no skill— so they say.

However, what is visual art?

Art as a definition is very broad but, to break it down, it is the arrangement of colour, forms and other elements to affect the senses and emotions. It is the making of something pleasant on a canvas or any surface.

To me, art is a way of passing a message. Art is the combination of a medium and it’s the message.

Hyperrealism, a genre of art.

Hyperrealism is the way a picture is represented by an artist. The picture can have a message or might just be a portrait with plain emotions, not passing a story but, of a person or thing, drawn.

I think this is where some people get it wrong. They see just portraits of people drawn by a hyperrealist and believe hyperrealism is an art form that lacks creativity.

An artist can try to pass a message with a hyperrealistic picture. The coming about to create a picture that best shows a message is creative

view lots of hyperrealistic drawings on twitter using the hashtag #wearenigeriancreatives

There’s a skill needed for hyperrealism.

I have not ventured towards hyper-realism but, I know it takes patience, the skill of perception, depth and attention to detail.

Skill is needed for hyper-realism and the argument of it not being needed is too subjective.

In conclusion,

Hyperrealism is the representation of a picture that can have a message. It is a form of art given the wide definition, just like line drawings or doodling.

Everything is art afterall,

Food is art,

Books are art,

You yourself, is art.

Everything na art.

Do you want to add to this?

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How to review a product

As a blogger, whether it lifestyle or any form of blogger, there are staple products you use day to day and it will be nice to share with your readers. There are also brand corporations that need you to make a review on their products.

In this blog post, I’ll take you step by step on how to write a good and informative product review.

1. How did you stumble on the product?
Tell us how you got to know of the product. Tell a story even, what made you buy it, if you did. Have you used the any of the brand’s product before?

2. How does it feel?
If it’s a hair product, how does it feel, what’s the texture. Was it nice on your hair?

3. What does it look like?
How does the container look like, is it unique? what makes the product container convenient and how does the product look like, write on it. For example, making a review on a deep conditioner, write on the quantity of the product per container or bottle.

4. How does it smell?
Tell the reader how it smells, is it what I would buy?

5. Notable ingredients in the product.
Are there ingredients that wow you in the product? Write it down. If it’s the first time using it, what are the ingredients you might not like and why. Call out some ingredients too.

6. Your thoughts on it overall.
Tell us what are your thoughts on the product and if it did what it was meant for. Is it something you will use again and if it’s a hair product, what did really do on your hair.

How to review a product.          hopeasfro.blog
Reviewing a product. hopeasfro.blog

7. Tell of the price.
Is the product cheap or quite expensive.

8. Give a rating.
Is it of good value, give a rating. Also what other product from the brand are you excited to try out next.

Peering canvas

If you see me staring, at utter blankness;

You see, I’m staring at the scene over there

Do you see that apartment, the balconies?

That artificial light all over the orange walls,

How they brighten up the indigo sky

You see how the lights from that building and that one too, make a dome shape of a whiter indigo

Just at the horizon?

How everything is still but still,

You notice movements

Can you hear the noise over there?

The generator?

Yes! You see the palm trees taller than

That storey building but, still it looks normal?

Can you feel liveliness from the road afar?

I’m talking about the cars, yes yes I know you can’t see it. What? This is blocking you –?

Yes yes, get what I’m moving at.

You can still feel it’s there right?

I mean you’ve plied that road, haven’t you?

I stare at nothing, so you say

But I draw lines in my head.

How to get this on a canvas.

Tips for a healthy skin


Today, I will be discussing healthy skin. What makes the skin healthy and how to maintain health.

But firstly, what is healthy skin?

To me, healthy skin is one free from clogging, any form of illness or skin problems.

You know, there are few mistakes we make that ends us up with a face full of rashes and annoying embarrassing pimples.

Today I will be sharing with you my top secrets to get and maintain a healthier and spotless skin. I would be focusing on facial health tips and ways to prevent clogging from excess oil and dirt which is the cause of some face problems like acne and rash.


No1 Drink water. This may sound cliché but, it’s worth it.

Yes, drink water and enough. Water acts as a detox for our bodies and for a well hydrated person, it is always seen on the skin.

No 2 The sheets, pay attention to your sheets.

The tip to smooth skin is not all about drinking water, change your sheets! I realised, when I don’t change my pillowcase after a week, I start to break out.

This is because, after a long day just before washing your face and getting into bed, you still tend to hop on your bed and rub that tired face on that pillow. Germs!

You can sweat in a hot night. Germs!

So, tip number 2, replace your bed sheets and pillowcases.

No 3 Your hair is getting in the way.

Yep, if you don’t tie your hair away from your face whether it’s by wrapping your hair, getting it into a bonnet or tying it with a hair band, your hair with the hair product in it will rub over your face as you sleep. That clogs your pores and leads to breakout.

No 4 Cleanse before bed.

Don’t forget to always wash your face before getting into bed. It removes dirt from your face and ensures it stays healthy.

No 5 Don’t use Sugar!

I know I know, there are a lot of beauty influencers that will tell you sugar is a good exfoliant. It’s not. Sugar is too abrasive for your skin and though, it scrapes out the dead cells, it also does that with the healthy ones. After a while, you start to notice your skin worse off than before.

No 6 Try to keep your hands out of your face.

We use our hands on a daily basis, touching the door knob, picking your purse that fell, saying ‘hi’ to people, scratching your scalp, touching your hair, all these. Germs! Hence why we should try as much to keep our hands from touching our face.

Yes some people are fond of putting their hands on their faces but, make an attempt to not touch your face as much.

Now, these are my tips on a healthy spotless face, what are yours?

Try them out and see the results.

5 Essential products for natural hair

Hi Y’all, in this post, I will be sharing some of the products that have helped my natural hair and maintaining it in general.

Some products I started using and I’ve seen a notable difference in my hair, in length and texture.

The effective products used on my hair:

1. Peppermint oil

If you keep your protective style in for more than two weeks, you will need this to keep your scalp at bay, tried and tested. With peppermint oil, my scalp doesn’t itch as often. Don’t get me wrong, you still need to wash your scalp even in a protective style, peppermint just refreshes.

2. Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil’s chemical structure resembles that of sebum and for hairs like 4c with coils, it’s quite difficult for sebum our natural oil produced, to coat our strands to the end. Thus, Jojoba. Jojoba oil leaves my hair feeling silky and might just be a good oil for nourishing and sealing in moisture.

3. Shea butter

I like to use the raw Shea butter, that is not mixed with anything or not some brand product with Shea butter on it. Shea butter acts as a sealant for me. Note, Shea butter is not an essential oil for the scalp.

4. Cantu moisturising shampoo also the cleansing shampoo

Cantu is one of the brand’s whose products I use the most. That includes their moisturising shampoo, cleansing shampoo for that buildup of gel, their deep moisturising masque.

5. Aunt Jackie’s intensive conditioning masque

I alternate between the two, Cantu’s deep moisturiser and aunt Jackie’s intensive conditioner. I did a post and said why here

There you have it, 5 products.

What are the ones you have used and how have they helped.

Live in the moment, here’s why

I shared this once on my Instagram story and I would like to share it with you.

It went like this,

Sometimes it’s better to live in the moment than to stress out or have unneeded sadness. It’s just like a cut. There are times it goes unnoticed, then you look down and see a scratch, suddenly it starts to hurt.

But there are other times a cut hurts so bad you need to look. If you refuse to, it would eat into you.

In other words, there are things that aren’t worth bothering about but, again, there are ones that need your attention.