Email detox: Clear out and organise your email inbox and emails

This is the time to get your email together! Those messages in inbox you haven’t opened yet need to be checked.

Practical steps to clear out and arrange your email inbox and emails

  1. Check out those promotion emails in your inbox. Sort out ones you might be interested in. Advice, be careful about opening links with addresses you aren’t familiar with. Open the email and if it contains links to purchase sites verify first online from the business’ website. You need to make sure it is legitimate.
  2. For newsletters you didn’t subscribe to, unsubscribe to them if you are not interested. Organise your emails into promotions, updates, social or forums. This is helpful when you receive lots of emails and you want to prioritise ones and open them first.
  3. Read unread messages and star the ones that are important.

Boy, balloon and wind

Lampshack got the things together; the blanket, the large woven basket, the stove. They were going to fly. He saw it for the first time, when he got to watch the television.

“What is that up there!”

“An air balloon”

“Are there people inside?”



Even though Tito’s air balloon gave way in the sky, and the fun had to end.
He was glad. Who would have thought he could fly an aircraft?

How to import psd files to autodesk sketchbook

Things like mockups or unfinished artwork come in psd format, because of the layers. With psd format, you can transfer a file with its layers still intact and that allows you work on each individual one later on.

I got some mock ups for a book cover I designed, they were on Pinterest and they looked lovely so I downloaded them. Sadly, I couldn’t use them after I finished downloading the bulk. The file wouldn’t open when I shared it to the autodesk app. I eventually deleted all but one. Recently, I found how I could share this psd file to autodesk sketchbook, with the layers still intact. It’s quite a simple way, which I did by accident lol.

Instead of clicking on the file from your device’s file organizer, and sharing it to the app directly, go to the app instead.
Open autodesk sketchbook. You are given the option to open new sketch, new from image, new from camera , scan sketch. Pick ‘new from image’ and choose the psd file you want. Make sure you know where you saved the file. Once you click on the file, it appears on your autodesk canvases, with its layers intact.

Then I just import the image of a part of the book cover to the part of the mock up I’m working on. Say, if it is front cover, I import the front cover I made, and use the adjusters at the top of the screen, to pull on edges and get the right perspective.

Peanut butter chocolate oats cookies — Food is art

I made some really delicious cookies and I want to share. Baking and working with chocolate is something I like doing.

Here’s how to make peanut butter chocolate oat cookies


1. Cocoa powder
2. All purpose flour
3. Baking soda
4. Almond milk (it gives the cookies a nice taste)
5. Peanut butter
6. 1 large egg
7. Sugar
8. Oats


1. In a large bowl, add 3 cooking spoons all purpose flour and 2½ cooking spoons of cocoa powder, 2 cooking spoons of sugar and 1 table spoon of baking soda.

2. In another bowl, whisk the egg, peanut butter and almond milk. Just enough almond milk. Your dough should be thick.. Not too thick.

3. Add the whisked egg, peanut butter and almond milk into the flour and cocoa mix.

4. Add the oats (any amount you want)

5. Mix them together with a spatula or cooking spoon and leave to set for 25 minutes. Lets all the ingredients get in there.

6. Get your oven tray and coat it with butter and place parchment paper on it. Parchment paper will prevent your cookies from sticking to the tray.

7. Scoop and arrange your cookies on the tray.

8. Preheat the oven at 250°

9. Then oven for about 10 minutes. This is if you want your cookies to be chewy.

Coat them with chocolate syrup for extra flavour.

My Art Prints store is live!

Yes it is, my store is now live. I have been planning this for a long while. I have had some enquiries about selling my art and finally it’s here! Digital download art prints are here and they are ready to find a new home Learn more about digital downloadable art prints.

Available are my art prints of my original watercolor, acrylic paintings.

Hopeasfro online art prints store

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My art is specifically tailored for people looking for vivid and astounding art for their homes, living space or little corner for an affordable price.

One thing I love about the art made is their openness. I work with the principle hope and this can be easily seen. They are enthralling, distinctive and Invoke optimism.

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Scarlet Macaw art print hopeasfro

A non-lockdown related post

Hi! Thanks for stopping by, if you’re new here welcome to hopeasfro, I’m Id. The blog is on lifestyle, Art and literature.

I decided to make this interesting, and this post is packed with content concerning these three themes.

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Something lovely is here!

Hopeasfro online shop is live!

If you love colourful, modern nature art, animals and flowers, this is the right place. Our prints are high quality, a mix of the minimal and vivid.

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Relax and watch how art is made

Instagram TV hopeasfro painting process
Watch ‘Wish you were here’ painting process on Instagram tv

Why downloadable art prints are a thing

Downloadable art prints are a thing. If you didn’t know, I’m telling you now. It’s like having the art print of your favourite artist or a painting you felt drawn to and love. They carry the same benefits as normal posted art prints have, and even more.

Downloadable art prints which can most times be tagged printable are placed on an artist’s website or the artist’s online store and people who love their art can purchase and download the digital file format of their art.

Benefits of downloadable art prints

1. They are instant

Once you purchase the print, a message automatically pops showing you a botton to click and download. Rather than wait weeks and even months to get what you paid for, you have it with you immediately you purchase it, then you can send it to your local printer.

2. You can be flexible with it

Once you purchase this print, you have the option to print it on anything you want, so far it’s according to the artist’s terms of purchase. You can print it on any paper you want, frame it and give your corner or space a spark of art!

3. They are affordable

Art prints are affordable. Art prints are less expensive than the artist original. If you plan on just decorating your home, then art prints might be the way to go. Art prints are scanned originals of the artist.

Places to purchase art prints

1. Check out the Hopeasfro prints store!
If you love colourful, modern nature art, animals and flowers, this is the right place. Traditional watercolor and acrylic paintings. Our prints are high quality, a mix of the minimal and vivid.

2. Online store like Amazon, Ebay, paper collective, Etsy and many more.

3. An artist’s store
Most artists sell prints of their art. It’s a way for their fans or people who love their art to still have it, even when the original has been sold.

Thanks for reading.

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Finding your purpose and choosing a career

While choosing a career and degree, let’s look at things differently. Choosing based on skills is the norm but it’s more than that.

On this post, it will be on purpose and more on choosing a career for yourself. These are my opinions. I will be suggesting better ways to choose a career or degree by looking at ‘skills’ differently.

Finding your purpose according to the Christian faith is easy. It’s been stated out already what the purpose of we humans, why are we on earth? What am I here to do? It’s simply serving God and serve man (neighbour) according to the ways of God (how He would like you too).
Ecclesiastics 12:13, Jeremiah 29:11

Choosing a career through skills

Now the issue is (not really a problem anyway) how are your skills and talents going to be used to make a living. That brings us to choosing a career.
The well-known way of choosing a career these days is by your skills, what easily comes to a person. This doesn’t always include what that person will like to do. Yes, someone who is a good photographer might actually enjoy photography but another person, say, Toni, Toni is being told to study culinary arts because she’s really good at cooking and learning new cuisines. Although Toni will be really good at it and make a wonderful chef, that’s not what Toni will love doing, she wants to be involved in her community through being a social worker. However, because she loves cooking and probably isn’t too good in psychology, she’s being pushed to something she has a chance of being good at but not actually liking.

A certain YouTuber Millennium gamma addressed this on her channel and made a point which I agree on, which is, selecting a career you’ll be happy in, even though you do not have the skills at that moment. Through tutoring and staying motivated, you’ll be able to learn.

That’s good, but, what are really skills? We can look at skills in a general broad sense as like Toni’s, a culinary skill, but let’s break down what a culinary skill is and we will actually find out that Toni has the skill for being a social worker.
To be good at cooking (I know this isn’t all that culinary entails but we concentrate on Toni’s aspect of being a great cook)
1. Organization
2. Time management
3. Attention to detail
4. Patience
5. Selective and divided attention
6. Problem-solving
as well as loves to see an end product.

choosing a career through skills hopeasfro

As we can see here, these are some of the major skills a social worker possess. Toni has a chance of being a social worker and doing well at it. Now she needs to improve in numeracy, teamwork, administrating and communicating (if she isn’t good at these already).

Your choices don’t have to be based on just one broad skill. Break it down and see what you really can do.

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Raster and vector graphics: differences between, their importance + common programs to achieve them

Raster and vector are the two digital graphic files. They are different and are used based on specific projects.

On this post, I will be going over the two digital graphic files, raster and vector. Digital graphics come in two forms, as a vector image or a raster image.

How raster images are made

Raster images/ graphics are made up of pixels. These are tiny little squares that all come together to make up an image. For example, digital photos. Our digital photos are made up of tiny pixels. The more the pixels, the more detailing. That’s why in mobile phone adverts they talk about the cameras able to take pictures in so and so amount of megapixels. Think of raster images like jigsaw puzzles. When viewed from a distance, it’s a whole one picture but when you zoom in, the image is made up of little pieces that you’ve fit together.

How vector images are made

Vector images are made of curves and shapes that can be scaled larger or smaller, so to do this, they are based on mathematical calculations.

OK, now what??

Just like jigsaw puzzles, when zoomed into raster graphics, you see those tiny squares, also when raster images are enlarged they become pixelized. That’s why raster programs are used when there is a specific size

Raster and vector graphics: differences between, their importance + common programs to achieve them

First frame: when raster image is enlarged. Second frame: when vector image is enlarged.

With vector graphics on the other hand, the artist or graphic designer is able to scale the image large, without affecting the quality of the image. With vector image, they cannot be pixelized. That is why graphics such as logos are done using vector programs, because, logos are not used in a particular size. Logos can be on letter heads, that is, they are printed on paper (most times at a little corner), they can also be on a company’s website and other places. In other words, there is a need to reduce and increase the size of this graphic (in this case, a logo) depending on where it is used on.

You are probably thinking, well, I’ll just use vector programs then, but, raster programs have their benefits too. Raster images usually contain more details, with this, raster programs are best for artworks with lots of blending of colours involved and for editing photos. This is because each pixel is able to be modified.

Graphic designers and illustrators that want the benefits of raster programs have to work with the right canvas size. As a graphic designer that specialises in bookcover designing, I size my canvas according to the size of the book and cover to be in pixels. This way I am sure of the image quality when it’s eventually in hard copy.

To calculate in pixels, consider what ppi the image would be printed out in, say 300ppi (most printers only accept this) and you want the image to cover 8 inches of space in width, the width in pixels will be 300 × 8, that is 2400 pixels. Your canvas width should be at least, 2400 pixels or over, if it’s less, your image might come out pixelized if it has to cover 8 inches.

Graphics that can be made using raster programs

1. Detailed illustrations

2. Editing digital photographs
3. Graphics with specified image sizes

Common raster image formats include: Paint brush (pcx), Windows Bitmap (BMP), Graphics Interchange format (GIF), Portable Network Graphic (png), Adobe Photoshop (psd), Tag interleave format (TIFF), Corel Photo paint (CPT), Joint Photographics experts group (JPEG).

Raster programs include;

1. Autodesk sketchbook
2. Adobe Photoshop
4. Artweaver
5. Corel painter
6. paint.NET

Graphics that can be made using vector programs

1. Illustrations
2. Illustrations for physical products
3. Logos
4. Large scale graphics like banners
5. Small file sized graphics

Common vector image formats include: Encapsulated Postscript (EPS), Adobe illustrator (AI), Corel Draw (CDR), Scalable vector graphics (SVG), Printed Document Format (pdf).

Vector programs include;

1. Adobe Illustrator
2. Sketch app
3. Corel Draw
4. Infinite design

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I hope this helped, if you have any questions concerning the topic, I’m willing to be of help, please leave it in the comment section.

The maiden speech – A short story

This is a work of fiction. However, it shows in some detail the maiden speech delivered by Nigeria’s then prime minister, when Nigeria was admitted into the UN.

The event of the week was still fresh. Plastic flags cut in square shapes hung green white green from street light poles and the many story buildings encompassing different flats around our city. Nigeria was just seven days old, a young country ‘beaming with hope’, yes hope, and I knew my father was right.

Today, Nigeria accepted the UNs invitation for membership. Tunde, Obi and I chose to watch it at the viewing centre, it was better there. Although I didn’t speak much, it was fun to watch the political debates amongst other viewers. Unless it grew into something else, we will silently leave, after sipping the last of our soft drinks and returning it to the crate. That was how it was at the viewing centre, you are exposed to conflicting opinions to weigh in. Sometimes you could be included in such debates but if you do not have the strength for arguments, you straight up tell the debater you do not want in or continue with head nods while going back to the television screen.

A melodious tune began to play out of the speakers and almost immediately, the chatter around subsided. We saw the different faces of plenipotentiaries from different countries and the camera zoomed in on Nigerian delegates and the Prime minister Tafawa Balewa. It was quite nice to see the confidence oozing from them. We were shown how Tafawa Balewa walked onto the podium to give his speech, the maiden speech.

Just then, a waiter came up to fumble with the antennas of the television in search of a better picture. It was taking too long and rumbles from the crowd began. “just leave it that way” a man from the crowd called out. It was quite evident that there wasn’t any better way but I applauded his efforts. The waiter gently let go of the antennas and went to his position, at the back of the counter.

The Nigerian prime minister began by greeting other leaders and telling them of how Nigeria was greatful to be considered — even though majority of Nigerians didn’t seem to care much really.

Tafawa spoke on many things with conscious care of moulding Nigeria’s image to the World. The prime minister spoke on Nigeria’s willingness to remain friendly to all nations, its non-interest to expand its territory, how proud to be a member of the commonwealth; Nigeria emphasised its unwillingness to have anything to do with power blocs and lastly its desire for the UN to act on the Republic of Congo urgently. It was quite a speech, but it leaves me asking questions.

Is Nigeria really non-alliance to neither the West or East? Because it seemed quite evidently she was dancing to the tune of her colonial masters. And again, she was just seven days old, were these words really true, was the Nigerian government being pragmatic?

Will we be able to sort out our ethnic differences or turn out like Congo? I sit weighing these things, in between Tunde and Obi, their eyes glued to the television screen cheering on with the crowd.