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Have you ever met a writer, artist, lifestyle blogger combo? well, here you are.

First, thank you for visiting my website first of all and I hope you are liking it here. 

I am Idoroenyen Udoh, the founder of Hopeasfro. I am an illustrator. I started blogging over two years ago, to share my thoughts and knowledge on graphic designing, illustrating. I also love to write, mainly poetry and fictional prose. I will like to take part in editorial illustration. 

I blog on lifestyle topics, such as, the Christian Faith, thoughts, product reviews and baking exercises (because I love to bake chocolate muffins, pretzels… Yum!). I share a few tips and tricks concerning art. If you are here for that, do stick around. 

In my spare time, I read books. You are going to see more book reviews as you go along. I might consider myself a book blogger, haha.

To get in touch with me, my Email is www.hopeasfro@gmail.com

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