Our minds need protection – ending unwanted thoughts as a christian

Please read everything, especially the end.

Our minds need protection.
Guard what you see, watch, hear and listen to. Your actions and less-thought-of /reflex actions can be affected by what you take in.

At this time, the bad stuff is everywhere on a billboard or in ads on product packs. And it’s like you had no intention to see that.
As someone who has quite an excellent memory and a s someone who when I see something and have a reaction (whether it be wow, interesting, curiosity, annoyance or shoot I shouldn’t watch or hear this), I’m able to bring it back into my mind. If it’s something I don’t want to remember, I might remember it because I’m obsessing over not thinking of it.

But I think it’s best to reject it and force your mind to be occupied by somethought else; not in a way that you obsess over not thinking that, but you now really attend to this new pleasant thought.
I’ve been doing this and thank God, it has been working really well. Choosing my thoughts.
It has also helped in my focus. I have stopped thinking of 2 or more things at a time every time. I shouldn’t be used to getting bombarding thoughts. I think focusing on one thing at a time has helped me in calming my mind.

Also, fear. Fear is one of the foundations of obsessive thinking. Perfect love casts out fear. If you rest in the promises of God and keep repeating them to yourself because it’s true, fear dissolves away.

Stopping a mind action in the bud. There might be thinking that just pops up in your head and it does again. For example, you make a mistake and in your head you go “I’m stupid.” This is not an obsessive thought but it’s destructive. If you keep on saying such to yourself, you are training your mind to be negative.

Speak God’s Word to yourself. I person named “iamgodwinibok” on Instagram once said “The final destination of God’s Word isn’t your mind; it’s your lips.” keep saying God’s Word, Read our Romans 6 to yourself, and verses like I am the righteousness of God in Christ, I have the incorruptible seed of God in me.

The Power of a simple NO

There is a very good video I came across that wraps up this blog. Click here. You can watch the video and read the caption even if you don’t have an Instagram account. You don’t sin when bad thoughts come in to your head, you sin when you dwell on them or act on them. A simple no to those whispers shuts them up!

I feel led to talk about everything I have been helped with by God. Have a lovely day.

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