Everything you need to know about choosing colours in your design or illustration

4. The emotion colours convey:
The emotion and meanings people give to colours vary a lot in different cultures. For a designer or freelance illustrator, it’s best to understand the culture your design is going to be shown, to help you know what colours to choose and convey your desired message to the viewers. For artists, the audience tries to see the piece from the eyes of the artist, so their cultural perceptions are sort of ignored to discover the meaning of the piece of art.
As a designer or illustrator, you are going to have to work a bit more to understand your audience.

Everything you need to know about choosing colours in your design or illustration
Pink connotes sincerity, sophistication and in some cultures, it is seen as feminine. Red connotes strength, love, excitement. In some cases, anger. In some cultures, red is seen as feminine.
Green connotes freshness, nature, food, health, quality.
White connotes luxury, clean, simple and spacious in design. The interior of this house shows this and also the advertisement design. White is also a symbol of purity.
Everything you need to know about choosing colours in your design or illustration
Purple www.hopeasfro.blog
Purple can connote luxury, royalty, wisdom and creativity. Yellow connotes happiness, warmth, cheerfulness and also creativity.

In Colour combinations, see it with your eyes and ask yourself if you like it. Remember, fewer colours are better. In graphic design, you don’t need to combine more than 3-4 colours, yes, like how you do with typography fonts.

Practice your coloring and hone your colour combination skills using hopeasfro colour pages!

hopeasfro.blog colouring sheets pages
Ten printable designs to colour, plus map colour puzzle. Detailed and family-friendly too, so fun! To get them, click here

I will be sharing more on shading and things such as cool shades and warm shades, for my fellow artists and illustrators in other posts. To get a notification when these posts come out, make sure to Subscribe to the blog.

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