My art journey | I talked on my art style and its metamorphosis through out the years.

…More like the past three years.

The other day, I was going through my Instagram feed. You know, I found it again interesting and like an interesting lifestyle magazine, I was flipping (scrolling) over.

I just finished four digital paintings that together make up a series of illustrations that tell one story. In them, I experimented on lighting and a different mood I did before, and they were more realistic than my impressionist style. It was nice to do something different and finally finish up something you had been doing for weeks. However, I don’t think I enjoy spending that much time on one digital art.

Art from last year
Pot belly goons by Hopeasfro

Mood and lighting

Like I wrote earlier, I experimented on mood and lighting. Currently, there has been more of subtle tones, a laid back mood. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s not hard to see the difference. my art style woman of courage
Woman of courage by Hopeasfro. Tap the picture to see the series.

What next?

I want to do more of the editorial book style illustrations. I love those illustrations with grainy shadings and not much saturation —just like the ones in books. I’ve tweeted about it, since, that I want to go into book illustrating. I love telling stories, my artworks have a back story, so it will be good to do a couple of illustrations for authors or even my book.

Neighbours by Hopeasfro

Will I toss out other art styles? The answer is… Nope, of course not. My art style is almost similar to what I described before so I don’t think I’ll have a problem interchanging the two, incorporating simplicity and mood.

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