Finding your purpose and choosing a career

While choosing a career and degree, let’s look at things differently. Choosing based on skills is the norm but it’s more than that.

On this post, it will be on purpose and more on choosing a career for yourself. These are my opinions. I will be suggesting better ways to choose a career or degree by looking at ‘skills’ differently.

Finding your purpose according to the Christian faith is easy. It’s been stated out already what the purpose of we humans, why are we on earth? What am I here to do? It’s simply serving God and serve man (neighbour) according to the ways of God (how He would like you too).
Ecclesiastics 12:13, Jeremiah 29:11

Choosing a career through skills

Now the issue is (not really a problem anyway) how are your skills and talents going to be used to make a living. That brings us to choosing a career.
The well-known way of choosing a career these days is by your skills, what easily comes to a person. This doesn’t always include what that person will like to do. Yes, someone who is a good photographer might actually enjoy photography but another person, say, Toni, Toni is being told to study culinary arts because she’s really good at cooking and learning new cuisines. Although Toni will be really good at it and make a wonderful chef, that’s not what Toni will love doing, she wants to be involved in her community through being a social worker. However, because she loves cooking and probably isn’t too good in psychology, she’s being pushed to something she has a chance of being good at but not actually liking.

A certain YouTuber Millennium gamma addressed this on her channel and made a point which I agree on, which is, selecting a career you’ll be happy in, even though you do not have the skills at that moment. Through tutoring and staying motivated, you’ll be able to learn.

That’s good, but, what are really skills? We can look at skills in a general broad sense as like Toni’s, a culinary skill, but let’s break down what a culinary skill is and we will actually find out that Toni has the skill for being a social worker.
To be good at cooking (I know this isn’t all that culinary entails but we concentrate on Toni’s aspect of being a great cook)
1. Organization
2. Time management
3. Attention to detail
4. Patience
5. Selective and divided attention
6. Problem-solving
as well as loves to see an end product.

choosing a career through skills hopeasfro

As we can see here, these are some of the major skills a social worker possess. Toni has a chance of being a social worker and doing well at it. Now she needs to improve in numeracy, teamwork, administrating and communicating (if she isn’t good at these already).

Your choices don’t have to be based on just one broad skill. Break it down and see what you really can do.

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