15 annoying things people who wear glasses can relate to

I have been wearing medicated eyeglasses for a few years now and these are annoying questions people ask me and things I need to put up with, and I know other eyeglass wearers can relate.

1. You can be asked why you can’t see the details of a tree miles away (which is already humanly impossible) while wearing glasses. First of all honey, these are medicated spectacles not a pair of binoculars.

2. That blurriness on your glasses when it has been scratched countless times and it needs to be replaced. Like ugh, glasses are meant to make it clearer but it does the opposite.

These are medicated spectacles not a pair of binoculars.

3. While drinking hot drinks, the steam settles on the lens of your glasses. Just take them off, take them off.

4. When people start questioning why you aren’t wearing your glasses 24/7. Well, I can still see my way and objects not so far off. We are all not the same anyway, there are different people in this eyeglass wearers community.

5. That annoying moment when you forgot your glasses on your face and you looked everywhere for it already.

6. You were so excited about your new coloured frame but now it doesn’t fit your style or match your clothes.

7. People constantly asking you if your glasses are medicated.

8. When it starts raining and the lenses are all covered up with water. Now you can’t see.

9. That moment your eyeglasses crash on the floor, lens first. My chwest!

10. Dressing for a day out and the question comes up “to wear glasses or not?” because both give different looks😩

11. That moment you find a smudge on your glasses so you use the corner of your shirt (’cause you forgot to wash your glass cleaner) but you end up rubbing the smudge all over.

12. On your phone, while laying in bed, then you turn to the side. The struggle when the pillow starts pushing the frame into your skin🙄

13. When your new glasses that you tested and it fit properly at the store, gets tight around your ears. The sore painnn😬

14. When you remove your glasses after a long day and it’s taking ages for your eyes to reset. Makes me wonder if glasses do make eye problems worse🤔

15. Ah and the last, That moment your friends ask you how many fingers you see. Like will you get those chopsticks out of here!

That’s 15 annoying things people who wear glasses can relate to

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