20 things you probably didn’t know about me, it’s my birthday!

April 5th is my birthday and I celebrated it in a giveaway to my followers. I didn’t go anywhere due to the lockdown but that didn’t stop me from stepping outside to breathe in fresh air under the shade of a tree.

I will like for you all to know me more so, here are 20 facts about me. While your here, I also have a giveaway for my subscribers and you here!

20 facts about me

1. I wouldn’t call myself a clean freak but I’m very careful on what I touch. I hate germs.

2. Following the first, I don’t open public doors with my bare hands. People sometimes look at me weird, but you never know🤷🏽‍♀️.

3. I wasn’t really a fan for brushing my teeth when I was younger. Don’t judge me!

4. I started art almost 3 years ago and I’m loving it.

5. I love chocolates (bounty, kit-kat, milo to be exact).

6. I published a novel The sand mile in 2018. I did not mention it a lot though. It’s on Okadabooks.

7. I really like cooking (cooking things I like) my YouTube playlist is filled with cooking videos. Specifically baking chocolate cakes and making Nigerian cuisines.

8. I turned a year older.

9. I love children (nice ones 👀) They ask pretty interesting and out of this world questions. You can learn a lot from them.

10. I still watch some kids’ shows. Child at heart!

11. I hate it when people chew gum and make bubbles then bust it in their mouth. It makes a sharp loud sound and done repeatedly, it makes me cringe.

12. I love cotton slip dresses.

13. I love mangoes and red grapes.

14. I used to love toasting my bread, my grandmother used to call me Miss T. T for toast.

15. Sandals are one of my favourite footwears.

16. I blog about pleasant lifestyle (includes my thoughts on a topic, product reviews and things I do every day).

17. I teach art (specifically digital art) on the blog. So, if you want to go into art, I got you 😉.

18. I’m quite a private person so sharing this with a lot of people is quite new to me.

19. I will really like it if you join the tribe of readers by subscribing to the blog 🤗

20 I love you all so much, thanks for your support.

That’s it!

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