Ways to make extra cash | LIFE ON CAMPUS Ep 4

On the last episode of the Life ON CAMPUS series, I talked about managing your expenses and how to cut down on costs as a student. Now with this post I will be touching on Ways to make extra cash living on Campus.

It is best to have a little income coming in from the side and not rely so much on student loans or sponsorships. Thus, I’ve put together a list of ideas to try out- as they can fetch you some money.

1.Hair dressing

The hair industry is booming now more with the way people are transitioning back to being natural. If you’re able to braid, make different styles with coily and other textures of hair without over manipulating it, then you might want to try this. Not many naturals would like their hair blown out or flat ironed before it can be made, and this is what some street salons now require. So, you are solving a problem.

2. Sale

Buy something cheaper and in bulk, then sell them off when demand is high and supply is low. This is one of the popular ways to make money and you can join in too. Find a problem or shortage, and bring in the solution. I have a post on Tips for self branding. It is going to be helpful if you want to take this path.

3. Use your blog

Think about monetizing your blog. For instance, help ‘trusted’ brands advertise their products on your website — be it on the homepage or in any related post.


Make sure you trust these brands, assess how their products are like. You don’t want to be advertising something fake, it will reduce your credibility before your viewers, and it is just not nice.

3. Birthday planner

Events are good ways to make some extra cash. Try branding yourself as an event planner or to niche it down, a birthday planner.

That’s if you have some fun ideas for a birthday in your head waiting to be shown out to the world! Of course this job requires you to be well organised, give great attention to detail, able to negotiate prices and able to adapt to change of plans. Try starting small as well, you don’t want to be planning over the top events whilst facing school work— but hey, if you can, OK.

4. Graphic designer

Due to a high need for visual presentation(the brain tends to process visual content faster) graphic designers have been on high demand for the purpose of advertising, even Web designing and for magazines.

5. Illustrator

Just like graphic designers, demand for illustrators have been on the rise too!

An illustrator simply makes clear a literary work. An illustration helps the reader comprehend and fully grasp what has been written, through pictures. So if you are able to draw or put pictures together, you can be an illustrator for magazines, books and so on. I am a travel illustrator, and pleasant lifestyle-magazine illustrator as well. You can check out what I do on my Instagram or on the website’s gallery.

6. Research assistant

hopeasfro.blog ways to make money - life-on-campus

While this might not fetch you money, it helps with your portfolio later on. You are also adding more value to yourself by what you learn in the course of research as well as being indirectly mentored by who you are assisting in the research.

7. Work part-time

Work in places like restaurants, sales (check out counter), supermarket, cleaning stadium (services basically), virtual assistant: I see virtual assistants more like a personal assistant to someone from the comfort of your room.

That’s it!

These are some of the few legit ways to make extra cash, because, woahh things do take up some of your money. I have a post on Living expenses on Campus, it includes ways to manage your funds better.

Big sis advice…

Take it easy on your school life. Always try to celebrate the small wins and find a good and loving community like your community church. Remember, God loves you and you can always begin to speak to HIM.

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