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You’d be surprised what you spend your money on living on Campus. However, in this post, I’ll be showing briefly, ways you can cut down on these costs and spend your money on things better.

There are few things that large amounts of your money go into. One is accommodation; the second, living basically. This includes, feeding, transportation, Internet. Third is entertainment, shopping — secondary things basically. These are what I’ll be touching on in this post.

1.Looking for Uni accommodation

If you’re out looking for where to stay, go for cheaper accommodation, a uni accommodation close by saves transport money but rent can be expensive. Weigh your options, if rent of accommodation closer > accommodation’ rent farther + transportation cost, then you might want to choose accommodation farther off— that’s if both rent and cost are less that accommodation closer to uni. I say this because accomodations closer to uni can be pricy for such quality they give, they can be small and cramped.

Tip: when you move into your accommodation write down things available in your flat – including the state they were in (Like is it in good state, in bad state? ). Show it to your landlord and both of you should agree or if possible, get it signed. That way, you reduce the chances of paying for things that were never there or had spoilt before you came.

Tip2: look out for hidden payments, let what you are paying (anytime, for anything) be clearly spelt out!

Reduce how many times you eat out, there is food at home

I think most of us remember disliking this sentence as a child whenever, we asked for a snack in the grocery store. But having food at home instead of eating out, saves a lot. Cook up your meals on Sunday and stuck up your freezer for the week. If you’re not so good in cooking or recipes, YouTube!

If you’re somewhere you can’t cook your food, not a problem, there are other ways to cut down on living expenses.

Note! Please eat properly, try to get nutritious foods. Neglecting yourself isn’t good. On a post, I talked about how I skipped meals and how it affected my body’s health Here.


Save, find out where your money is going into and try to reduce it, review your bank statement and see why you withdrew money each time you did, I can’t stress this enough. For example, is your money going into data, try to see how you can cut down on spending that much, does your mobile network provider have any plans for students or one you can use that is cheaper for you?

Also, you want to cut down on raves, weekend trips, unnecessarily spending on food and clothing. Check out my tips on saving Here. With saving, you can be able go on better, ‘new experiences’ holidays.

I hope you liked these tips, what other ones do you have, please share in the comments. If you have questions concerning this topic, leave them in the comment box, I’ll be happy yo answer.

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