Essential Tips on self branding

So you are a media consultant, a social media manager, influencer, entrepreneur, a human being or simply a content creator and interested in knowing how to brand yourself, I’ve got you.

Your brand is all about what you want your customers or your audience to feel or take from your persona. This includes you and your products. Personal branding is the practice of marketing people and their careers as brands. It’s a process of developing and managing a reputation or an impression, as a person, a group or an organisation (according to Wikipedia).

Essential Tips on self branding -

As a customer and you too, there are things you expect from a supplier or producer. For instance, a fashion consultant. You expect them to be welcoming, you expect a level of expertise, knowledge, nice and reliable.

These are the 5 things I (and every other person) expect from who I’m working with. As you are trying to build a reputation through self branding, all these need to be in place. Your self branding should try to meet up with these qualities.

Here’s a reminder, customers are more likely to go for people who deliver.

Now without much ado, let’s dive in with my…

Tips on self branding

1. Know about yourself, improve that

Work on what you want your audience to feel about you. What you say should be how you act. If you promote being ‘reliable’, work on things like your customer service or work on how you answer customer questions. Here’s a reminder, customers are more likely to go for people who deliver.

Essential Tips on self branding -

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2.Do you know about your field?

This is a question for you to answer. Do you know much about your field? People want some level of expertise and you need to know most basic facts concerning your field to improve your personal brand. There are few sites out there to learn from. YouTube is a start. Personally, I’ve learnt some content creating hacks from YouTube and online classes.

3. Consistency

To build a good personal brand, consistency is key. Do your plans and content go with your motto? It helps to be consistent in how much you put out there, social media feed, brand voice and brand design & colours (even in things that seem unimportant like your Pinterest pins’ design).

Do your plans and content go with your motto?

4. Pick 2 or 3 social media platforms to concentrate on

As a young blogger, I wanted to have as many social media platforms as possible because, it promotes the popularity of the blog,, right? Well that didn’t really workout. I ended deleting some unnecessary accounts because I hated some platforms and my content just didn’t fit. So, one of my tips is to pick few media platforms to be active in.

Pick 2 or 3 social media platforms to concentrate on - essential tips on self branding -

These social media platforms can be categorised in two ways.

1. Long interaction & short interaction platforms.

For example, long interaction platforms include YouTube. With YouTube, brands or content creators are able to express themselves or give long answers to questions (Like a review of a gadget, asked by audience).

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A short interaction platform on the other hand, is Twitter. This is because it only allows you to express your self in few words as tweets. This is good for bloggers or influencers that want to keep close contact with their audience.

2. Picture based or word based

Social media platforms can be categorised in this form. Picture based platforms include Pinterest, Instagram. Word based platforms on the other hand, includes Twitter. YouTube is a mix of both.

That’s it! These are my tips for successful self branding. I hope it’s helpful. Please remember consistency is key (we hear that a lot but it’s true), also improving your skills and knowing more about what you do goes a long way.

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