Where to find and buy art in Nigeria

We sometimes want to invest in our places, gadgets and refrigerator surfaces, with beautiful and eye-catching art but things like delivery period and getting it at a good price can be a problem.If you stay in Nigeria, you might think finding artworks to buy is hard or only available at a particular location, (e.g Lagos) so you opt for nonlocal artists —which is ok, but for finding local art is hard, I’m here to debunk that.

1. Artyrama

Where to find and buy art in Nigeria hopeasfro.blog hopeasfroArtyrama is an art gallery located in Lagos, but apart from showcasing artworks of artists from all over the country, they are also on sale on their online store. You are sure to find really good art from different art mediums. That is, oil paintings, acrylic on canvas, ballpoint, digital art, e.t.c. You also find a variety of art forms like surrealism, hyperrealism, abstract and so on ready to buy and as for a digital product, print out (and even as desktop wallpapers!)

2. Printivo store

hopeasfro.blog It’s safe to say this is one of Nigeria’s leading print stores. Apart from being able to print your illustrations and designs on available items, there is an option to pick designs by designers and illustrators from the store, for the not so arty ones. You can see items like
•square and round stickers (lovely for the refrigerator Hahn😜?)•Notepads
•Business cards
•Phone cases & much more• Plus art on canvases.And one good thing is that, some designs are customisable.

3. Red bubble

Where to find and buy art in Nigeria– hopeasfro.blog    I haven’t personally bought artistic
products from here, but being a large online sales market, you have access to different forms of visual art on a range of products.
Red bubble is not based in Nigeria but ships to Nigeria.

      Where to find and buy art in Nigeria

4. The local souvenir market

   Tourists can’t resist getting souvenirs and you shouldn’t too. There are nice paintings, beadwork and woodcarvings (not fetish) you can get from your local market. Sometimes, it might be a bit pricy ’cause you might be mistaken for a foreigner. Show them who you really are and you’ll be fine😜.
    If you’re non-Nigerian, try to get the best deal. Also, some of these things are actually expensive due to materials used. Put it in mind, these artists need the money.

5. Auction sites

     Another good place to get artworks are auction sites. Arthouse.ng is an example of auction sites in Nigeria. They deal with contemporary art from across Africa.

6. Art galleries

     See the art you like? Buy it! Apart from showcasing art, some galleries also allow you purchase them. Also, it’s a good opportunity to meet with the artist one on one and understand the inspiration behind the artwork you are getting.
      These are some of the good galleries in Nigeria according to TripAdvisor here.where to find and buy art in nigeria– hopeasfro.blog hopeasfro

7. The Artist’s website

      Most artists have a ‘shop’ segment or a link to a ‘shop’ page on their website. If you see an artist’s ( painter, sculpture artist, digital artist’s, etc) work on perhaps social media, and want to purchase from them, it’s best to check their websites. Most professionals make their sites easy to navigate, you’ll be fine.I hope with these few examples will help.Comment down below if you’ve tried any of these art purchase sites and what was your experience.

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