Hair product review: Aussie moist 3 minute miracle deep conditioner

On this post, I’ll be reviewing the Aussie moist 3-minute miracle deep conditioner. I’ve heard a lot about it and decided to try it out.

The products I used before lacked a lot of slip and that led to single strand knots and breakage, because, well — I was wrestling with the hair during wash days.

Those products I used weren’t the best of both worlds ’cause one will give my hair the softness but no strength, the other will give it strength but make it stiff like some dried hay. I did a review on them here. I’ve heard of this product for a while now and decided to try it and I’m quite impressed!

Let’s talk about the packaging now

It’s in a tube like a bottle, so it’s just meant to be squeezed out. I like the sides of it where there are these impressions, possibly for good grip.

Review of Aussie moist deep conditioner hopeasfro

Impressions on the side to hold

That is thoughtful, ’cause in the shower, I don’t want something slipping. At the end of the tube-like package, there’s a hole where it comes out from. However, dust can easily get in since there is no cover for the opening. To prevent that it’s better upright with the opening facing down on whatever platform.

The feel

It is white, soft and creamy, similar to Cantu’s deep conditioning masque. It has some slip probably due to the sea kelp — one of the ingredients.


If you are big on natural products, then this might not be the product for you.
It contains ingredients such as;
Water, Stearyl alcohol, … It’s not silicone free.

How Aussie moist felt on my hair:

I have to say, Aussie moist 3-minute miracle deep conditioner gave me the best slip. The knots went out like in no time I was like ‘wow!’ It was crazy, I haven’t got any slip like that using previous conditioners. So yes, it did a good job.

Is my hair softer? Yes. My hair was quite manageable after use.
It’s still soft and flexible, it doesn’t have that stiffness that comes with recent washing.

Hair product review hopeasfro

Is the price of Aussie moist 3-minute miracle deep conditioner worth it?

Aussie moist is on the cheap side and for what it does, it’s worth it.

Would I use it again?

Look, it’s in my cupboard ready for the next wash day. If you are reading this, have you tried the product before, what were your thoughts? Leave a comment.
If you would like to recommend any product, let me know down below.

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