More things to do this holiday | Don’t waste it!

The holiday is approaching and it already looks sunny and bright. Then the problem arises “how do I make most of it?”

There is so much fun stuff to do (’cause the holiday won’t be boring) and things to learn.

So these are some ideas for the holiday:

1. Embrace the outdoors

Get your ass up and go get some sun! There are many things to do outdoors. Do that thing you’ve been wanting to do. Go for a picnic at your local park,

• Walk somewhere

Pinterest finds hopeasfro

• Visit the farmer’s market

• Volunteer

• Start that garden

• If you like reading (’cause it’s nice and fun), visit your local library.

2. Make a summer reading list

Compile a list of books you think you might love and start reading from that order. Share your list with your friends if they can join too (sort of a mini book club) or you can review the books and share them with your friends. (I made a post on how to review a book here).

I’m currently compiling my list of summer fiction reads, so stay tuned if you want in.

3. Learn an online course

Whether it’s digital marketing, design, IT & software, photography, e.t.c Udemy has you covered.

There are other alternatives to get free online education such as Coursera, codecademy, edX, TED–Ed, Khan Academy, and lots more.

For good educative courses, some of the prices are really cheap!

You can also learn Excel on these sites:

Improve your Excel, Excel easy, Excel jet, Mr Excel, Excel central and so on.

Learn that online course.

4. Organize and do some housework

Organize that email inbox and go over those emails. A holiday is a time to put your closet together plus there’s no better time to give your house some TLC.

After all the work, give yourself a high five and a lovely fruit drink.

5. Save

“Save wha–” Yes, save. You don’t want to blow all your money because it’s well “summer”.

Save more things to do this holiday.

There are a lot of unnecessary things people end up spending on. If you don’t want to be in that kind of situation, try saving. There are numerous platforms for that such as cowrywise, Piggyback Ng.

See more tips on saving here


How to review a book

Tips to help you start saving

Would you like to be notified when the reading list is out, please let me know in the comments ⬇

If you have any more ideas for holiday activities, I will like to know in the comments 🙂

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