I printed out my design and it looks lovely!


I decided to print out one of my designs on a mug, and not just leave it there in my gallery, looking digital (😕).

Well, it turned out great!

It made me appreciate it more seeing it there pasted on this mug. I’m still yet to use it, the mug sits there like it’s actually a canvas LOL.

i printed out my design and it looks lovely hopeasfro.blog hopeasfro

I got it printed abroad (quite a wrong idea) when I was trying out print-on-demand setting up my shop.

I hope to find good printing shops in Nigeria though because I’m yet to try out one after relocating here.

If anyone is living in Nigeria and know of print shops or any print-on-demand online sites based in Africa, please I’m open to suggestions.

These designs look so good, what’s the point keeping them in soft copy😜.

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