7 things digital art beginners need to know

These are 7 things I want budding digital artists to know. It’s basically what I wished I knew before, starting out as a digital artist and new to the game.

So here goes the seven things I want any new digital artist or even just artist to know.

1. Just start

Trying to take that first leap can be a daunting experience — would it be seen? Would people like it? Am I good enough? Oh dear, I’m so shy! These are things you tell yourself that might stop you from getting out there. Are you good enough? Yes, you are. Even if you are still learning the ins and outs of art, it’s ok to let people see your progress.

I began uploading my art on my Instagram feed with ‘self-teaching artist’ in my bio when I just started out as a digital artist. Sometimes I scroll down and see ones from my early stage and I’m like how did anyone like this? However, I was learning and it was a process and I let my friends and followers know this. Now I’m slowly building a community and I have allowed them in my process and journey.

2. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Don’t get hard on yourself because your painting doesn’t resemble that of your favourite artist’s or you don’t seem like you’re developing into a Picasso.

Everyone is constantly learning and believe me, time will tell. I remember, in the beginning, I hated drawing trees because they just never came out right! I will draw and paint, undo and start again and look at it like ugh! Then I would look at the art I’m trying to remake and wonder what I’m doing wrong. Well, I want to tell you, it’s ok.

drawing trees process. hopeasfro.blog
These pictures show my tree painting process. From the first, you can see how the trees in the park came out (let’s say, not what I had in mind) and that’s nowhere even near my first attempts in drawing trees. However, with the second and third, the trees look more realistic and well put together.

Bonus tip for budding digital artists:

If you are trying to make a replica of another digital art and it’s not coming out right, scrap it, get inspired and make another work. You will soon see from your separate artwork, that you learned some techniques from the art you tried to remake. It can be a choice of colours or the texture added by your favourite artist.

3. Texture texture

One of the things that will get your art closer to that of your favourite artist’s is texture.

Texture adds depth to your work so it isn’t looking flat and makes it more realistic. If you are looking to make dreamy art, texture. Trying to paint something surreal? Texture. Thankfully, digital art apps like Autodesk sketchbook have texture brushes that vary.

One thing that will get your art closer to that of your favourite artist’s is texture.

4. Don’t be afraid to use your tools traditional artists do that anyway.

In a traditional artist’s studio, you might find a sponge, a piece of cloth, some leaves even, coated with paint. What are you doing with those? Uhm… painting.

If you feel a felt tip pen will do the work of adding texture, use it. Learn to use your tools and don’t just stick to one brush.

I remember starting out and using mainly brushes. Even when I wanted to add some form of texture to artwork, I do that using a brush. Was it easy? Not really.

Don’t be afraid to use your tools, Traditional artists do that anyway.

5. Don’t be afraid to use colours

You don’t have to stick with the blue sky with white clouds, or the plain green leaves. Use those colours! Yup, I said that.

Don't be afraid to use your colours    hopeasfro.blog
A sky art showing the use of few colours.

6. Take your time honey

“Art takes time”. I saw this quote somewhere and I can’t agree less.

Few times, artists rush their artwork because, well fans are waiting and oh I don’t want them to get disappointed. But, you have to realise in order to make something beautiful, and that will last long in the ‘amazement of your fans’, you need to take your time.

Don’t rush it.

Digital art for beginners
These are two artworks done by the same artist. One was done sitting on a bed, within an hour or two with breaks by the side and a ‘let me just do one for the gram’ attitude. Yes, that one came out ‘argh!’

7. Do you boo!

There’s a reason why you have this drive to be an artist, there’s a reason you are you. Stick to your style and people for your art will love it. Would anyone like it? Listen, there are 7 billion people on this earth.

So go out there!

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