Tips to help you start saving

Saving is one thing people find hard to do, ‘like there’s just a lot to buy’, plus, the ones you really don’t need.

Having problems being a spendthrift or having no idea how to start saving?

On the post, I’ll be giving some tips to help you save effectively. To help you keep away some of that money before spending the rest, and not vice versa.

Tips to help you start saving --

1. Take it out of your sight

The moment you’re in the grocery shop with a bundle of cash, and you buy almost everything on the shelf including the cereal you told yourself never to try again.

That happens because, well, what do I do with this money? Keeping some of it away and saving it in a bank account you don’t really use will help you figure out later on, what you really need it for.

There are various financial platform and apps to help you save. For example Piggy bank Ng

2. Opt for cheaper products These are normally home made. Not necessarily home-made but, made by home industries and not imported (some imported products are expensive). Some times, price doesn’t measure the quality of a product.

However, if you need to spend that money on quality, spend that money.

3. Set a goal

By setting a goal, you are able to save. This is because you tell yourself ‘I’m going to keep this away ’cause I want to do this or that’.

You are able to challenge yourself to save a certain amount one month.

Because honey, you don’t want a situation where you and some friends try planning a fake engagement in a café, so a lovesick manager might fall for it and give free lunch.

So do you have other ways you are able to save?

let us know in the comments.

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