5 fun activities to do this spring

A couple of activities to do in the spring break.

1. Go outdoors

It might be surprising, “I’m outdoors most of the time” but, are you having fun outdoors most of the time?

Go to the park and take a view around. This is one way to get the sun especially for those who seat in the office or in buildings all day. Vitamin D deficiency is real and needs to be taken seriously.

2. Clear your wardrobe

Yes, with spring comes a change in wardrobe. It means storing the green scarf and thick coats away and bringing in some lighter ones. It means throwing in those bright colours into your wardrobe.

3. Flower picking

April is a time for blossoming pretty and colour filled flowers.

Spring is a time to find these and decorate your homes, hair, clothes with them.

Just remember to pick them in the morning or evening. Also, please do these where it’s legal. There are some restricted areas where flower picking isn’t allowed especially in the UK.

4. Create a garden

Set up the yard and start planting! It’s always nice to grow your own food and watching them grow is even better. Get your seeds and small plants ready to get planting. If you have little ones, they can join in too.

5.Tour your town or city

No matter what, there’s still a lot to see even in a ‘boring’ city so, tour away! Find out about the history of your town, the monument statues, and check out fun go-to places around the city.

Spring breaks are awesome for such an adventure just remember to check the weather forecast.

What other ideas do you have?

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