A letter to nostalgia of old. (Fiction)

It’s been sometime now,

How are you doing?

Over here has been good

With the season change.


How is your eczema has it gone down?

I’d hope you don’t scratch it too hard.

Have you tried my remedy,

It actually works.


Jummai’s co wife won’t give that man sons,

They said Jummai is the reason.

Above that, every day here is an exciting one

You should come visiting sometime,

The farmers’ market here is gorgeous!


Ola is growing, his tooth removed!

He says he will put it under his pillow

The next day, perhaps he will find 10

I laughed remembering when I was his age,

Do you remember how we waited so long

for the tooth fairy?


I am done reading pride and prejudice, alas.

Waiting for a book recommendation.

So, Amelia, I was meaning to ask,

Do you still throw your missing tooth ov’r the roof?

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