How to write a good book review

Reviews are basically a person’s account of (in this case) a book. It’s for the purpose of critical evaluation but some people tend to go off the board or not review but just summarize.

In this post, I’ll be teaching you how to review a book.

1. You are not telling a story: First off, always put in mind you aren’t telling all the story. You can put bits of it like a quote then analyse it.

2. Identity the genre: Tell the reader what genre of book you’re reviewing. Is it fiction, nonfiction, biography, adventure, e.t.c. Some books do not have a specific genre so it’s ok if you give it something general for example, “it’s a work of fiction”.

3. A little about the plot: You know the synopsis at the back of the book? Yes, something like that in your own words. DO NOT GIVE OUT THE END!

4. Tell about your favourite/worst scene: There are scenes that got you excited on the book and introduced you to some of the characters. Some scenes even made you love or dislike a certain character, incorporate it in your review. You can see how I did it here.

5. Comment on some few characters: comment on some characters you took notice of and also how they contributed to the ongoing plot. Tell us how they were, like if they made your worst scene.

How to write a good book review hopeasfro blog

6. Spice it up with quotes: When analysing, it’s always good to quote from the book. It kind of gives who you’re reviewing to a heads up of the book’s language. See here.

7. Mention the main themes: The reoccurring idea and topic is the theme. It’s basically the message the author is trying to give.

8. Add a picture of the book: Take a nice picture of the book.

9. About the author: Comment on the author’s writing style and a bit on the author if you know anything.

Have you read other books of the author? Mention them.

10. Rate the book from 1– 10

You can see how the book ‘waiting for an angel’, was reviewed here.

So with all this tips, go on and write that good review!

Do you have other tips or want to add to this?

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