Using Autodesk sketchbook for digital art

As a digital artist, I’ve come across different apps for digital painting. On this post, I share things I’ve learnt and some of the advantages of using autodesk sketchbook.

Also here on the blog, I don’t think I really talk about that aspect, being a digital artist. To break it down, I’m a digital painter and I use it as a medium to pass a message or illustrate a story.

I currently use Autodesk Sketchbook. It’s installed on my phone and soon I’ll be getting a device with a larger screen. I chose Autodesk for different reasons.

1. It’s mobile friendly

As you can see, it fits the screen. I don’t need to move, swipe or frequently zoom in or out the canvas except during detailing because the canvas is in the middle. Secondly, it is easy to navigate through the tools.

Again, they fit the screen properly. I haven’t had issues due to installing it on my device and I have had it for a year now.

2. It is convenient and easy to go around it.

I started off as a novice. I didn’t know anything about digital art or painting. I didn’t know how to use layers, what different brushes really do, canvas size, using colours in the digital painting, nothing. I literally just went to the app store and downloaded whatever I felt was ok and began.

learn more about the brushes and techniques to help you on the Autodesk sketchbook website

3. Work is clean

Quality of artwork is high and it’s not just my opinion. It uploads to whatever platform quite well. If I get the right resolution or canvas size, then it’s no problem. Also modifying the brushes and using different technique helps. For example, I have learnt painting a colour on another colour different from the background, makes the quality a bit poor.

4. You have a community of artists!

You have a choice to set up an account and also engage with other artists. Autodesk has an online platform for an artist to showcase their work and meet new people However, it’s a choice, I’m not active on there.

I have tried out other apps like adobe illustrator. For Adobe, I didn’t really like the look on my phone, which makes me think it might not be convenient using it on a phone. However, I will like to still try it out.

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