Is hyper realism creative art?

From the past week, I have come across debates on whether hyper-realism (the making of very realistic drawings with much detailing), is a form of art— judging from the amount of skill and creativity used to bring about the drawing.

A lot of people argued it’s not all that much of being creative ’cause the artist is just drawing what is seen. Also, anyone can have enough patience for detailing. In other words, an artist does not require much skill to be a hyper-realist.

Thus, hyperrealism is not art. no creativity, no skill— so they say.

However, what is visual art?

Art as a definition is very broad but, to break it down, it is the arrangement of colour, forms and other elements to affect the senses and emotions. It is the making of something pleasant on a canvas or any surface.

To me, art is a way of passing a message. Art is the combination of a medium and it’s the message.

Hyperrealism, a genre of art.

Hyperrealism is the way a picture is represented by an artist. The picture can have a message or might just be a portrait with plain emotions, not passing a story but, of a person or thing, drawn.

I think this is where some people get it wrong. They see just portraits of people drawn by a hyperrealist and believe hyperrealism is an art form that lacks creativity.

An artist can try to pass a message with a hyperrealistic picture. The coming about to create a picture that best shows a message is creative

view lots of hyperrealistic drawings on twitter using the hashtag #wearenigeriancreatives

There’s a skill needed for hyperrealism.

I have not ventured towards hyper-realism but, I know it takes patience, the skill of perception, depth and attention to detail.

Skill is needed for hyper-realism and the argument of it not being needed is too subjective.

In conclusion,

Hyperrealism is the representation of a picture that can have a message. It is a form of art given the wide definition, just like line drawings or doodling.

Everything is art afterall,

Food is art,

Books are art,

You yourself, is art.

Everything na art.

Do you want to add to this?

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7 responses to “Is hyper realism creative art?”

    • The camera liberated art from realism. Hyperrealism is similar to a habitual offender who cannot deal with society and breaks the law to go back into prison. Why spend all that time labouring when with the click of a button you get the same result?

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      • Interesting! just this morning I was wondering what’s so bad about “photorealism”. I read people knocking it all the time. I don’t get it. That “hyperrealism ” sounds real bad! Like they should lock you up for doing it! hahahaha Seriously, I can’t tell one realism from another. It’s all bad. Right?


      • As an hyper realism artist….i find the mentality that ‘hyper realistic art is not creative’ very typical…..though this can be an argument….as mentioned in the above post hyper realism can also potray messages……

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