Peering canvas

If you see me staring, at utter blankness;

You see, I’m staring at the scene over there

Do you see that apartment, the balconies?

That artificial light all over the orange walls,

How they brighten up the indigo sky

You see how the lights from that building and that one too, make a dome shape of a whiter indigo

Just at the horizon?

How everything is still but still,

You notice movements

Can you hear the noise over there?

The generator?

Yes! You see the palm trees taller than

That storey building but, still it looks normal?

Can you feel liveliness from the road afar?

I’m talking about the cars, yes yes I know you can’t see it. What? This is blocking you –?

Yes yes, get what I’m moving at.

You can still feel it’s there right?

I mean you’ve plied that road, haven’t you?

I stare at nothing, so you say

But I draw lines in my head.

How to get this on a canvas.

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