Tips for a healthy skin


Today, I will be discussing healthy skin. What makes the skin healthy and how to maintain health.

But firstly, what is healthy skin?

To me, healthy skin is one free from clogging, any form of illness or skin problems.

You know, there are few mistakes we make that ends us up with a face full of rashes and annoying embarrassing pimples.

Today I will be sharing with you my top secrets to get and maintain a healthier and spotless skin. I would be focusing on facial health tips and ways to prevent clogging from excess oil and dirt which is the cause of some face problems like acne and rash.


No1 Drink water. This may sound cliché but, it’s worth it.

Yes, drink water and enough. Water acts as a detox for our bodies and for a well hydrated person, it is always seen on the skin.

No 2 The sheets, pay attention to your sheets.

The tip to smooth skin is not all about drinking water, change your sheets! I realised, when I don’t change my pillowcase after a week, I start to break out.

This is because, after a long day just before washing your face and getting into bed, you still tend to hop on your bed and rub that tired face on that pillow. Germs!

You can sweat in a hot night. Germs!

So, tip number 2, replace your bed sheets and pillowcases.

No 3 Your hair is getting in the way.

Yep, if you don’t tie your hair away from your face whether it’s by wrapping your hair, getting it into a bonnet or tying it with a hair band, your hair with the hair product in it will rub over your face as you sleep. That clogs your pores and leads to breakout.

No 4 Cleanse before bed.

Don’t forget to always wash your face before getting into bed. It removes dirt from your face and ensures it stays healthy.

No 5 Don’t use Sugar!

I know I know, there are a lot of beauty influencers that will tell you sugar is a good exfoliant. It’s not. Sugar is too abrasive for your skin and though, it scrapes out the dead cells, it also does that with the healthy ones. After a while, you start to notice your skin worse off than before.

No 6 Try to keep your hands out of your face.

We use our hands on a daily basis, touching the door knob, picking your purse that fell, saying ‘hi’ to people, scratching your scalp, touching your hair, all these. Germs! Hence why we should try as much to keep our hands from touching our face.

Yes some people are fond of putting their hands on their faces but, make an attempt to not touch your face as much.

Now, these are my tips on a healthy spotless face, what are yours?

Try them out and see the results.

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