Things you will most likely find in my bag

Now I’m not a load carrier or baggage lover, but I like to leave for wherever I’m going knowing that I didn’t miss anything and have to go back or spend my day without the important thing I need.

For every event means different items to carry, but there are must-carry items I go with, at least past the corner store –he he.

1. A journal

It’s not some fancy leatherback journal, but just a tiny notepad I use to take down notes or anything when I’m out. I could use my phone but, I always like to jot down things just to have it on paper, in hardcopy.

This goes in hand with a pen.

2. My phone

OK, I do a lot of things with my phone, from writing to sketching to catching up with friends, all those. Also, in case I am needed somewhere, it’s just me being available in case I’m needed, by colleagues, family and friends. Now, this is followed up by;

3. Phone charger

OK, I need to get a power bank but, before then I carry with me my charger almost everywhere. Because I do most things with my phone, it comes in handy as it could run out of battery power after some time.

4. A mini bag

You’re thinking ‘uhhh bag in a bag?’ Well, not really. It’s a bag where I keep my ladies tingy from makeup to sometimes, unnecessary tissues and lip gloss. It’s just a way for me to organise my bag and not have poured out eye-shadow everywhere.

5. A mini tripod

As a blogger and someone who likes adventure, a tripod always comes in handy for me. There can be fun places and activities I need to get in video and taking pictures with a phone or camera, balanced on a tripod makes things better.

6. A wallet

Yep, another mini bag in a bag :() like come on, I don’t need to mention what I need a wallet for *laughs*.

7. A book

I carry with me the novel at the time I’m reading. When a book is captivating, you won’t want to put it down. That’s why sometimes I opt to be given a ride to where I’m going instead *haha*

OK, so these are just items that can be found in my bag. What’s yours?

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