How to prepare sweet potato balls

Let’s cut to the chase…

As I said, I’m not a food blogger but, I had fun doing this and hopefully, you would too😀.

Now it might not necessarily take long to prepare if you’re a fast cook but for me, I had to cut the preparation into two days ’cause I had a lot doing those days.

Okay, now the ingredients…

1. Sweet potatoes (of course)

2. Flour

3. Two eggs (or depending on the amount you want)

4. Bread crumbs

5. Sardines or any additions you want like sausages, shrimps, e.t.c

6. A bulb of onion

7. Pepper

8. Curry and thyme ( including any seasoning you want😋)

9. Oil

10. Ginger (optional)


Now what you want to do is peel the potatoes. Make sure to put them in water so they won’t start changing colour.

Then with little oil, simmer your chopped onion and pepper, in a pot and not a frying pan. If you want you can grate ginger into it. Do it with moderation though, you don’t want too much ginger.

After, pour water into the pot, any amount that would cover the potatoes as they need to boil (see that’s why you needed a pot). Drop your sweet potatoes in the pot. You might want to cut them in halves as they would boil faster. Add some curry and thyme, salt to the boiling potatoes.

When the potatoes have boiled, pour out the water then mash them. You can use a masher or pestle, anyone that works best for you.

After, you pour in your sardines or sausages or whatever you would like to add😀. Add some pepper if you want it spicy, then mix.

After this is done, get out your flour in a bowl, your eggs whisked in another, then your bread crumbs.

If you want to make bread crumbs from the scratch, just heat up your pan – no oil, place 4 slices of bread in the pan (turning them side to side till they are a bit hard and crunchy). Then cut them to bits into your food processor.

Now back to the preparation. Use a spoon to scoop out the mixture and roll it to a ball with your hands. You can use an ice cream scoop to measure and maintain consistency in size.

Roll the ball in the flour, then the whisked egg until it’s covered all over, then roll it into the breadcrumbs.

When that is done, fry your sweet potato balls till they’re brown.

There you have your sweet potato balls!

Do you have other methods of preparing sweet potato balls, have you tried it out before?

Do you like the taste of sweet potatoes? Not everyone does. Let me know, leave your comments😊.

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