Things I am most grateful for in last year

• It was a year of clarity. Honestly, I discovered so much more on things I did, I thought was right, on behaviour and what have you. This has transformed my thinking for the better.

• I made bold steps. Normally, before I make a move, I tend to over think things even when the chances of it flopping is low, or won’t even matter. It restricted me to do certain things but, last year, I found myself taking bold steps! Cutting off the issue of what would? How would?

I even shared my poems, which I hardly do ’cause I was quite shy and yet proud of myself for writing.

• 2018 was a year I grew more in love with my Faith. I gave the Holy Spirit control of my life, was more Spirit-led and in total, enjoyed the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I saw a change in character and earlier, I said I normally made a fuss about just anything. This year, I saw a change in that, which I am so grateful to God for. The Holy Spirit is with me forever.

• New friends, followers and subscribers for this blog.

This year, I got so many views, engagement on my blog and I’m so glad about it! At first, I didn’t think there would be lots of views on posts of poetry or artworks, or book reviews, compared to lifestyle posts or product reviews I also did. However, I got almost equal engagement for both sets of posts.

• Got inspiration for blogging

Seeing bloggers like Cassie Davies, black writer, really got me inspired to continue blogging and just give my site a makeover! I found the excitement to attend webinars and to get tips on editing.

I also learnt how to love what I do, love what I love (if that makes sense :)).

So with the start of the new year, what are you grateful for, what are your goals for this year?

What would you like me to share?

Leave your comments below

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