Novels to gift this Christmas & New year

These are fiction books by African writers that are really good and I think are worth giving. The mood and atmosphere around the plots are pleasant to fit the season.

They are not necessary novels with the setting in winter, or Christmas or new year.

No1 On the list would be my favourite, Welcome to Lagos by Chibundu Onuzu. I’ve been meaning to do a review on this novel time ago, it is interesting and just beautiful to read.

It is the story of five different people who meet during their way to Lagos, a city in Nigeria. Two are runaway soldiers, one is a tired house wife, a boy named Fineboy who tries hard to perfect his borrowed American accent and a young girl in search of her parents after a crisis. It gives a brief and vivid picture of the Niger delta crisis of old as well as the hustlers’ life in Lagos and corrupted Nigerian leaders.

No 2 The Spider King’s daughter by Chibundu Onuzu. Yup, the same author. I haven’t read this one yet though, but I really would like a copy. I have read reviews on it and I think from the story line, it is not going to be boring. It’s sort of like a ‘the princess and the pauper’ story. A boy falls in love with a girl and such relationship obviously can’t thrive due to the different social classes they belong to.

No 3 Black ass by A Igoni Barett. A young man who is meant to go on a job interview, wakes up and finds himself white. He’s now a white man. This is one funny but informative story!

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