Items to gift this Christmas & Newyear

‘Oh what a wonderful time of the year…’

December is here, Christmas and New year are fast approaching and a time to share also!

However, bear in mind, Christmas is not just for giving presents and putting up the Christmas tree, it’s a time to celebrate someone’s birth, Jesus Christ. He is the one we are celebrating.

With that, let’s dive in to things you can gift and share this New year! There are so many things to give and it’s up to you. However, it can still be hard to decide ’cause…well, there are lots.

So let’s break it down to five.

1. Starting from the basics,

A large box of chocolate is nice for a chocolate fanatic like me,


Just make sure you get ones they like, some popular chocolates are nasty still.

2 Gift that book lover an interesting read.

Do you have that book worm friend or family that can read a 300 page book within hours?

Give them what they love. As a novel lover, I did a blog on books you can gift this season here

3. Gift them beautifully framed art

A framed photo of a painting will look good on their wall! Basic paintings like one of flowers, birds or city scapes will do just fine. Anyone will love them.

Looking for printable paintings? Go no further, check out these.

4. Surprise that hair enthusiast!

Make a hamper of their favourite hair products. Most people treat their hair like their babies. Giving them such is like gifting them with baby apparels, they would love it!

5. Gift your blogger friend

Gift your blogger friend something they need

It sounds odd, but a tripod can go a long way. Even though they have one already, there is nothing wrong with having a spare. It will still come in handy.

6. Nice festive cards

We know we all love these. A card with good prayers and wishes is all we need. Write something from your heart and share.

Do you have other suggestions?

Please feel free to leave your comments.

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