An interesting call

An interesting call

‘Bip bip
‘Ring ring’

“Hey babe, ahn ahn
You remembered me today”.
“I cut my hair”
“You said”
“I cut my hair”
“You trimmed it?”
“No I cut it off, I cut it all off”
“Why na…okay I’ll take you to my barber”
“I shaved it all”
“Skin cut”
“What entered you?”
“Nothing o, it was hot”
“Do you like it”
” I thought I would…African queen but, now ehn, hmm”
“How do you look”
“Like an egg”
“So you just woke up and decided to cut it?”
“Send me a picture”

She sends a picture.

“Don’t call me till that hair grows atleast two inches”
Ahn ahn now!”
“What, I should be going out with a boiled potato!”

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