An interesting call

‘Bip bip
‘Ring ring’

“Hey babe, ahn ahn
You remembered me today”.
“I cut my hair”
“You said”
“I cut my hair”
“You trimmed it?”
“No I cut it off, I cut it all off”
“Why na…okay I’ll take you to my barber”
“I shaved it all”
“Skin cut”
“What entered you?”
“Nothing o, it was hot”
“Do you like it”
” I thought I would…African queen but, now ehn, hmm”
“How do you look”
“Like an egg”
“So you just woke up and decided to cut it?”
“Send me a picture”

She sends a picture.

“Don’t call me till that hair grows atleast two inches”
Ahn ahn now!”
“What, I should be going out with a boiled potato!”

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