Breast ironing; a culture

I just think there’s a difference between a child and an adult. However the difference between a 40year old and a 30year old is experience.

Don’t mind a 50year old and 25year old together but, a ten year old..come on.

There have been stories of breast ironing and female genital mutilation. Let me talk about the later first.

Breast ironing is a practice done in Cameroon and other west African countries, to budding girls.

For a good cause?

When a girl is a young bloomer, when she has started growing breasts at a young age, say 9years old, a female member of her family does the activity on the growing girl. This is all to prevent sexual molestation from preying eyes. As an adult can see the child as sexually ripe.

So is it for a good cause? Well, one might think so, even though it does not prevent molestation. A young girl whose breast is breast ironed can still be raped.

How is it done?

This practice is likely done with the males of the family unaware. Pestles, stone and other implements will be heated up. Then the instrument is rubbed on the breast of the young girl normally from age 9–15years.

I just want you to step back and imagine this process.

I’ve heard stories where the mother is molested despite the ironing, so she did not want such for their daughter. She made the stone hotter, the breast should be completely gone, till the child is older. A mother’s love, good intentions, bad results.


There are many complications with breast ironing. Like I said earlier, a girl can still be sexually assaulted or forced into marriage, seeming sexually ripe even after breast ironing.

•Breast Trauma

•Breast Cancer: This was the story of the mother, it was revealed she had breast cancer, on the third stage. Breast cancer is secondary to breast trauma.


•Destroyed breast tissue

•Loss of affected breast

•Pain and breast feeding issues.


Stop and think, what is the point?

This practice is clearly not working and very harmful to the girl.

So if you’re thinking of practicing this, please do not. It’s not for her benefit.

Instead, other ways can be solution to stop sexual molestation. Raising awareness.

It is known when a girl starts blooming, she might be forced into marriage, especially by the males in her family. Well breast ironing would not help because you are further damaging her. Raising awareness on both sides of family can help.

Bringing up medical issues such as VVF – Vesico – Vaginal Fistula and pregnancy complications can give people a second think.

So protect your daughters, don’t expose them to this kind of treatment. Breast ironing, please do not.

I was going to talk about female genital mutilation, but that’s for another blog.

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