The first time I fell in heels — in public! (Potbelly goons edition)

Y’all I said first time in public! I’ve fallen down in heels so many times, just not in public.

Let the story time begin..

Okay I was going for an event and had to wear some heels. Like you know, add a little classy into the look, you know. Sigh.

Okay y’all I wore the normal 3 inches heel, just to be on the safe side.

Like I’m not used to wearing heels so often, flats all the way or sandals. So I was still learning, step by step, balancing and not walking like someone stiff — that kind of thing. So, three inches or four, was to be on the safe side. LOL if I knew. It was a wedge, for ‘extra‘ safety.

I could walk fairly well, was comfortable. I started taking quicker steps.. y’all that’s how comfortable I was. At the event, there was a carpet.

Though I was comfortable, the carpet wasn’t 😒. At the steps, it wasn’t lined properly. It looked like a slide, not a step. So coming down, feeling really fulfilled I had mastered the tricks of high heels, I slipped.

Y’all there was a handful of people where I fell. I’m just happy I didn’t fall so bad, you know tried to do it in a classy way *laughs*

One ‘aunty’ however couldn’t just mind her business. “Aunty please go your way”, nope she didn’t. This woman started complaining “ahn ahn, if you can’t walk with this shoe, why wear it”, with people just staring at me, in public! ‘Aunty please did I ask you?’ I just shyly blamed the carpet and went my way.

LOL guys, this isn’t the only time, there’s one a lot more embarrassing.

Hehe, hope you had some laughs.. Have a nice day, thanks for reading.

God bless you lovelies.😊

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