Let’s all go natural products for hair.

Okay I must say I don’t use natural products 100% on my hair, but I’ve been doing so and it’s great.

Its a good option if you want to prevent any chemical damage to your natural hair, or if you just want to be sure on what’s getting into your hair.

So let’s get in it lovelies..

The first would be the African black soap, for washing your hair.

It can act as a shampoo and everything in it is 100% natural. Listen, there has been stories of y’all having breakouts after using it, but I’m talking about the real soap not some ‘Shea moisture mixture’.. just saying. You are gonna get break outs… of course. I use the normal local brand that just costs less than £2, Anyway I’m talking about the hair not skin, hehe.

So, when using the bar of soap to wash your hair, you might experience dryness cause the hair has been stripped of both gunk and moisture. Due to ingredients such as lemon and lime, it tends to be harsh (not as harsh as normal shampoos).

Not to worry, there is the ingredient honey. Honey is rich in glycerin and what glycerin does is, it absorbs moisture from the air, though with low humidity, the hair can get dried out. The glycerin, then absorbs moisture from the hair because, it just absorbs. If there’s no moisture in the hair, it gets moisture from your hair.

Hence why the hair gets frizz when not fully moisturised.

To prevent this, when taking a hot shower after washing your hair with the soap bar, just allow the steam to get absorbed in your hair. With this, there is already a lot of moisture absorbed by the glycerin. This leaves your hair soft and clean.

How to spot a real African black soap:

• it isn’t black. It can be dark brown to light brown actually.

• it is not smooth. Unlike other commercial soaps, the African black soap is a little rough to the touch. It’s not sleek, and sometimes may feel grainy.

• it is soft. You can easily cut through with a knife. It’s so soft warm water can dissolve it, when kept for a while.

• it is not highly perfumed. I say this because the originally made one does not have a perfume scent to it. However some makers put in a slight fragrance to it, using scented oils.

The second would be raw Shea butter.

Shea butter can be used for both skin and hair. In fact, it is the ideal hair product for hair.

It is rich in vitamin E, it also able to protect your hair from sun bleaching. Shea butter is a sealant, so after hydrating the hair, you can seal in the moisture with it.

How to spot the real Shea butter:

• Shea butter is ivory coloured and not really white. It can also be a pale yellow colour, depending how it was made. It is not really yellow though.

• it is not heavily scented. One might not like the original scent though, but to me, its calm. If you don’t, you can mix yours with some drops lavender oil.

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