Creative date options

I’m not the only one who thinks going out on dates to just a restaurant everytime is quite boring — if this is done often which is the norm– Like there’s nothing really interesting, sitting and staring at your face. Also, there’s not really much one can say during dates like such, especially if you two just met.

Seriously, it has to deal with food-etiquettes?!

I mean I have good eating etiquettes… In front of people but, when it comes to a guy, something stuck in between your teeth is embarrassing; and oh, the random questions.

So let’s spice it up a bit…

These can be date options or just something apart from the normal day-to-day stuff.

This is just my idea, so you can get creative with yours!

1. Baking.

If you two don’t have any idea how to bake or one person doesn’t, it’s even more fun. It’s nice to get messy sometimes! At least, you’re learning and mastering some cooking skills.

2. What about a picnic.

This one is not unpopular and cheap. If you’re a ‘nature person’, it’s ideal.

3. An evening drive?

Have you ever ridden a car in the evening with the windows down, that exciting moment when the car is speeding? Not so fast, safety is a priority.

4. For the children lovers

you two can both volunteer to read to children in the library.

5. Gardening

This sounds like everyday stuff. But you both can engage in gardening, grow your food and watch something you two put an effort in, grow.

6. Cooking

Just like baking, if you two don’t know how to cook, you both can learn together and call it a date. Try and learn how to feed yourself okay😁.

7. Colouring and painting

Show off those artistic ‘skills’ you believed you had once. You can get a good palette from any pound shop. Even if it came out not ‘as you expected’, it can pass as abstract art😉

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