The time I slipped and banged my butt…

Okay if I wasn’t wearing a skirt it would have been a lot less embarrassing. Okay, coming out of the station, it was freezing cold and the floors were quite slippery and the footwear I was wearing wasn’t helping, they were flats! Before then I was admiring some girl’s head tie, I thought they looked good, ’cause they actually were. Okay, to my story… I got distracted as I was trying to insert money back into my pocket, then all of a sudden I found myself on the floor. It was in public, though not many people were around. My legs were quite open. Remember, I was wearing a skirt, but thank God I wore tights. They weren’t very opaque though…they were the semi transparent type. I was already getting embarrassed 😀, then these two girls, the one I was looking at the head tie and her friend came to pick me up. They were so nice 😄 asking me if I’m okay. They we’re so sweet. I really hope I thanked them ’cause I remember just saying “yes, I’m okay”. I actually walked, not feeling embarrassed.

Anyway, when others are in such a situation, please lend out a helping hand. I’ve actually learned a lot from this.

I pray God blesses them.

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