The awkward first date

She had never been spoilt and treated with something extra fancy. So when he told her he will take her out, her hopes were not that high.
She would normally have stayed home on a Saturday night, eating all the edibles. She hardly gained weight, so even though she eats healthy — sometimes, she spoilt herself with enough chocolates, salty biscuits; munching in her less lit bedroom.

Normally, if she offered to take someone out, she herself was expected to pay any for any expense. That was just her. She had got to learn here, they split for such things. Off course, she thought if he had been here for long, she should be prepared to pay. He was taking her for a meal. She kept praying he will not take her to some extra fancy place, so when she saw the restaurant, she felt broken. “hm my savings can’t finish today!” She thought to herself.

She had not yet finished paying for accommodation, and she was really trying to save. With an establishment like this, a sparse plate of a meal can cost high. Something she can easily cook up and style in the comfort of her home was so expensive. If it was the unnecessary decorations they did with gravy, she could do it, she thought. Surprisingly the prices on the menu were not ‘jaw-dropping’. She found something less expensive that she could eat, then, the hard part came…

The plate had a lot of sauce on it and she did not like eating such in front of anyone, not just anyone, a potential ‘man’. She got too conscious of anything around her mouth. She constantly cleaned, checked her reflection at the back of her spoon, arranging her hair… It was awkward and he noticed. He finally asked her if she was done, which she answered “yes — it was nice”. “Goodness, he didn’t ask you that”, she thought to herself.

The waiter brought the bill and after a while, she started smiling to herself. He paid the bill without thinking twice. ” it’s like we think alike then — that’s a start”, she thought. She still thanked him for his gesture and bringing her to this place.

Hoping he did not expect anything more.

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