Long time crush

You scroll down to see his picture, your 9years old self then, crush.

He was intelligent, fine , popular. While you, more of a class clown, not so eye catching to attract his attention… or any guy’s attention for that matter.
Flash back ended to today.
Even with the numerous likes, the following with no follow back, watching all stories, he still hasn’t noticed you. ” like why?” You are afraid to comment– you’ve never been that bold and besides it seems like you’re being to ‘insistent’.

You seat back wondering it’s just a crush, it will go away. It’s just a crush you say, even with the beautiful feeling you get when your eyes meet every picture of his. It is quite ‘surreal’… I mean with phone screen separating both of you.

You don’t bother if what you’re feeling is more than… Well.
You don’t bother to want him to be aware of you anymore… He never noticed you, he never did, so you give up.
I’m working on my writing. This is some colouring done a time ago, found it.

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